The Seven Rays Today



Angles are a product of the Third Primary Kingdom of Devas, which is related to the plant world and vegetable kingdom through the idea of nature spirits, but this idea, although true, gives a limited appreciation of the vast scope of their influence. They are indeed the ‘tenders of nature’ on our planet, but this is only part of their role.

They are also of the planetary system itself, in their Third Ray function they are the ecosystem, the body, soul and spirit of the planet, this planet and all planets. And just as life on this planet is totally dependent on the planet, consists of the matter of the planet, and lives by and through the potentialities of the planet, then this is their Third Ray function as the essential ingredient of form. If planets are living beings, which they are, then the generic name of these beings is Devic. And the action and reaction between the planet and the lives its supports and that in turn support it, is due to the realisation of angles.

The planet Earth is Devic and all life it supports is also Devic and an essential part of the planet. However, Humans are of solar origin, rather than of planetary origin. So all life on Earth which is part of Earth and is affected by whatever affects Earth is essentially Devic, but there is a separate life on Earth which can withstand the chaotic effects of the First Primary God as he imposes His will and wreaks His wrath on the planet: and this life is Human. We are therefore destined to learn how to cope with the chaotic effects of God, and this is because we have the potential ability to exist away from the Earth, in space, on the Moon or another planet.

Every other life form on Earth except Humanity is of Devic origin, but still has the ability to develop an individuality through which it can learn to exist apart from the planet. Many domesticated animals develop this close association with Humans, and become dependent on Humanity for their existence rather than the planet, in preparation for their own individualisation. Eventually they will learn to exist on their own without either Human or planetary help.

Also some Devic life has developed the quality of the Ray governing their species to evolve a state of objectivity that will allow them an existence separate from the natural Devic planetary forces, without Human assistance. In the meantime, they will perform important roles for the Devic world through their numerous incarnations, because the Devic world evolves through adaptation towards a stabilised condition.

The important difference between Humans and Devas is that we are multifaceted beings, and our evolutionary path is towards the diversity of numerous experiences in order to refine the quality of our consciousness; as opposed to the Devic evolution who are progressing to singular specialisation, in order to perfect their form. Man is becoming individual by growing away from the group mind of Humanity, and learning to include all the varieties of his conscious experiences within his own individuality. In this way, he is preparing himself for his true role, as a creative Human being on the Second Plane of Love and Wisdom.

The idea of group souls is relevant here, because this is tied in with the ability to work with the three higher Planes. This ability is a natural attribute of Humanity, giving us access to individuality, but animals and lower creatures do not have this connection with the higher levels, and are connected to a common rather than separate archetypal soul. Every evolving creature has to have a guiding control from the level above its normal awareness, an equivalent Higher Self. Most Devic creatures have this connection on the Fifth Plane, through which they are developing their mental abilities, but above this they are intimately connected to the etheric substance of the planet itself, which functions on the Fourth Etheric Plane. As the Fourth Plane is where angles function through connections with others, they owe their recurring life essences to a group soul existing on this higher Plane. This also gives Humans who have developed an etheric awareness the ability to relate to these spirits of the animal kingdom.

In their purest condition, Devas are solely of the Third Ray because of their formulating nature, and as all form has its origins in the Third Ray this is their natural position. The Devic beings who exist on this level are known as the angels and archangels.

Angelic Devas work through the Fourth level of angles in operation, through a co-operation with people who are working periodically through their Heart Centres in preparation for their ultimate repolarisation. So evolved Devas, who we know as angels, exist on the Fourth level which is their equivalent level of physical reality. Although they are more able to exist on higher levels than Humans, this is the lowest they can function on their own. On the lower three levels they work through Elementals without retaining their angelic form.

The Elementals of the lower four Planes can only work with energies from another Plane through Devic intervention. So Devas of the Third Plane create angles with the Elementals of any or all of the lower four Planes, and these angles become activated by the Human presence of the Second Plane, in accordance with the work required by the Absolute in His role as the Elemental archetype on the First Plane. Humans are destined eventually to take up their rightful position on the Second Plane, where the Hierarchy presently exists, to aid the Absolute in His Plan by co-operation with the Devic evolution on the Third Plane.

In the Hierarchy, highly evolved members of the Human evolution in conjunction with their Devic counterparts, devise skeleton plans for procedures that are necessary in furthering the evolution of Humanity, as decreed by the Absolute. The resulting plans, which lack any specific details and show more of a result required than the method to be used, are then passed down to Devic helpers, who create the forms with their ‘minds’ out of etheric material. These forms exist only so long as the Devic creator continues to ‘think’ about them, after which they cease to exist and are reabsorbed into the virgin etheric. This angular thought-form is projected onto the ether of our planet, where it rests until a mortal’s mind tunes into it. This is an unconscious process, and as the realisation becomes an idea in the person’s awareness, the idea inspires the action necessary to earth the angle as a physical reality.

This is how most manufactured objects, inventions and projects come into being. Natural forms are built in the same way, but without the necessity of Human intervention. Then the archetypal idea formed by the Deva is planted in the ether so that natural Second Primary energy originating with the sun and stars empowers the angles to create form out of physical matter, through the Devic utilisation of nature spirits or Elemental energies.


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