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There are seven types of Ray energy which are the seven expressions of Divinity. These Rays, which pour through the etheric network and its system of centers, constitutes the sum total of energies apportioned by the incarnating entity at any given time, for the purpose of its expression. They enter the system via the causal body and are released into the three vehicles via the three permanent atoms, the etheric network and its centers.

The seven Ray energies are identified as follows:

1. 1st Ray of Divine Will and Power.
2. 2nd Ray of Divine Love-Wisdom.
3. 3rd Ray of Active Intelligence.
4. 4th Ray of Harmony through Conflict.
5. 5th Ray of Concrete Knowledge and Science.
6. 6th Ray of Devotion to an Ideal.
7. 7th Ray of Ceremonial Magic or Divine Law and Order.

A study of and meditation upon the identification of the Rays will reveal their Divine Intention, making it possible for humanity to become a part of the Universal Divine Expression. All substance is colored by one or another of these Rays, meaning that it has been impregnated with an intention. It is then released to the Souls awaiting incarnation. The Soul appropriates certain of that substance and builds the form through which it will gain experience. Thus the threefold personality, a conditional state of existence, is constructed and colored so as to attract to itself the desired experiences.

The Soul and Its Instrument pages, 166/7


We seek to promote "peace on earth and good will toward men" via the manifestation of Brotherhood in our daily lives and affairs. The seven Divine Laws and Energies of Cosmic Love as they may be worked out into manifestation by humanity are enumerated and defined as follows:

1. The Law of the Focused Will to Love, which states in effect that,
"The Power of God may be invoked into manifestation via the focused Will to Love."

2. The Law of Loving Understanding, which states in effect that,
"The energy of Love in the Mind produces right understand or wisdom."

3. The Law of Service, which states,
"A planned activity of service impulsed by love and carried out in Love results in the manifestation of some fragment of the Divine Plan for Humanity."

4. The Law of Transmutation, which states,
"The radiation of Love in the three planes of human endeavour transmutes darkness into Light, ignorance into Wisdom, and discord into Harmony."

5. The Law of Formulated Knowledge,
"When Divine Love is formulated into concrete science and knowledge, a new heaven and a new earth shall come into being."

6. The Law of the Focused Ideal of Christ,
"The Christ shall reappear when humanity recognizes the Christ Principle indwelling everyone."

7. The Law of Initiated Growth,
"Through the initiation of a planned activity of growth, human beings may cooperate with the Law of Evolution to reach a desired goal of spiritual development."

As energies, these seven are potencies that may be appropriated by everyone who seeks to use them in service to humanity.

Creative Thinking


With the coming in of the 7th Ray of Law and Order at this time, much knowledge anent the Rays is overshadowing humanity. It is possible for groups of dedicated disciples to be impressed by this knowledge, and hence, to aid their own growth by an intelligent understanding of their own Ray makeup. All individuals have their own peculiar problems arising out of their peculiar Ray makeup, and their past experiences. An understanding of their problems will render them more capable of fitting themselves for service, as well as providing them with the Light to shine upon the Path for their brothers. When I tell you that it is possible for groups of dedicated disciples to be impressed by the knowledge of the Rays, I do not mean that they will receive communication from an entity or groups of entities. The Knowledge overshadows humanity and can be intuited by those who can tune in on the right mental frequency. Right motive, a sincere love of humanity and meditation makes this possible.

The Soul and Its Instrument, page 192


The Planetary Logos functioning from His level of identified focus, differentiates the ray of light upon which He is evolving into seven energy expressions via His own seven-fold consciousness.

In order to clearly understand this concept, the student must clear his mind of all preconceived or limiting ideas he may be entertaining in regard to the meaning underlying such terms as identified focus, consciousness, Planetary Logos, etc. We tend to define, and thus limit, a concept in those terms which express a familiar experience within our own tiny sphere of awareness.

The Planetary Logos functioning within His own level of identified focus is not one person (if I might use so inadequate a term), but seven persons in one. This is what is meant by His seven-fold consciousness. And incidentally, this same reference applies to ''The Seven Spirits before the Throne''. Any Logoic Consciousness, whether it be that of a Monadic, Planetary, or Solar Life is seven-fold in nature. These seven Divine Persons, Divine because Their Nature includes somewhat the seven-fold expression of God (the One About Whom Naught May be Said), are defined as the seven Logoi.

The sum total of this group consciousness equals Logos; Shamballa, Head Center.

Out of Themselves each of the Logoi reproduce their own kind, and the seven egoic (Soul) groups are born into expression within the Buddhic sphere. These are the seven ray groups, represented by seven major ashrams, held together and in right relationship by the seven Lords of the rays, who in their sum total equal Christ, Hierarchy, Heart Center.

Out of themselves each of the egoic groups reproduce their own kind, and the seven types of persona (mask) are born into expression in the three planes of human endeavor. These are the seven sub-tones of each of the seven egoic groups equaling, then, forty-nine distinct energy expressions, who in their sum total equal World Persona, Humanity, Throat Center.

Thus the Logoic Intent is carried into the lowest frequency of the Cosmic Physical Plane, via the process of Spiritual reproduction, i.e., the reproduction of the consciousness aspect, or its involution into the human form.

Thus Logoic consciousness involves, via reproduction, into the depths of Its own substantial form and from that point evolves all of Itself into a higher degree of perfected awareness.

This may seem somewhat abstract and abstruse to you now, yet it carries within it the mystery of the whole process of involution and evolution, and the Purpose of humanity in the scheme of things.

The Nature of The Soul, page 286


Spirit is matter vibrating at its highest frequency; matter is Spirit vibrating at its lowest frequency. These two polarities, plus the consciousness aspect or magnetic field created by the interplay of frequency between them, we define as the basic cause of all manifestation.

The three aspects, in a cosmic sense, manifest as three frequencies of energy which are defined as the Cosmic rays of:

1. Divine Will & Power
2. Divine Love-Wisdom
3. Divine Intelligence

These in turn are differentiated into four minor frequencies which are defined as the Cosmic rays of attribute.

4. Harmony
5. Cosmic Definition or equation
6. Ideation
7. Divine Law and Order

The seven rays, whether Cosmic, Solar or Planetary, always maintain their basic nature since original Impression of Divine Intent is maintained. They are only stepped down in frequency by the Cosmic, Solar, or Planetary consciousness appropriating them.

To carry this correspondence even further, we find the Soul of humanity in a process of embodying the third Solar ray of Divine Intelligence, while an individual Soul may be found on any one of the Planetary seven.

Synthesis is the lifting in frequency of any subsidiary seven into its original expression.


1. In the Solar Life, synthesis is the lifting of the Solar Seven into Cosmic Love.
2. In the Planetary Life, synthesis is the lifting of the Planetary Seven into a Solar expression of Intelligent Love.
3. In the individual human sense, synthesis is the lifting of the personality rays into an expression of the Soul ray.

We see every appearance in form as but a combination of certain ray energies, knowing that the so-called solid form is but the slowest rate of frequency of the energies involved. This appearance is the appearance of the matter aspect, the negative pole of manifestation, while Spirit is but the highest rate of frequency of the same energies involved. Between these two is the magnetic field, the Soul or consciousness aspect, which is found occupying every range of frequency between Spirit and matter.

The Nature Of The Soul, pages 66-68


We come now to the attributes of the Soul, which are four types of energy made available to the incarnating consciousness as minor tones of the major three: Will, Love, and Intelligence. In other words, these four attributes are derived from the basic triangle of causative energies, and are then differentiated expressions of them. They are defined as:

1. The fourth ray of Harmony through Conflict, which is derived from and is a differentiated expression of the second ray of Love-Wisdom.
2. The fifth ray of Concrete Science and Knowledge, which is derived from and is a differentiated expression of the third ray of Intelligent Activity.
3. The sixth ray of Devotion, which is derived from and is a differentiated expression of Love-Wisdom.
4. The seventh ray of Ceremonial Magic or Divine Law and Order, which is derived from and is a differentiated expression of the first ray of Will and Power.

These four energy expressions are created as the major three impact upon substance via the consciousness aspect. They are the expressions given to the major three by the Logoic consciousness as He works out His Purpose via the instrument of time and space. Thus, we call them the attributes of the Soul or consciousness aspect, meaning that they are the expressive qualities derived from the causative energies of the Soul.

These energies can be more easily expressed in time and space to produce a specific effect, than can the major three, since their frequencies are more easily appropriated and wielded by the incarnating consciousness. Thus, the first ray is more often expressed via its stepped-down or differentiated expression of Ceremony and Order than, as Pure Will and Power. The second ray is more often expressed as Harmony and Devotion, than as Divine Love-Wisdom or Pure Reason, and the third ray finds its expression more often in Concrete Science and Knowledge rather than pure Creativity.

The seven manifesting at the peak of their potentials sound forth in time and space as an harmonic chord which expresses perfectly as Logoic Purpose, thus manifesting perfection in form.

A man is an aggregate of energies, held together in time and space, via his etheric network, informed by an individualized spark of Logoic consciousness, and with all other men is a center or focal point through which Logoic Purpose is finally worked out into manifestation. Thus, we say humanity in its sum total is the Planetary throat center through which the Word of God sounds forth in time and space.

The Nature Of The Soul, pages 177/8


....much new knowledge, actually in the nature of a minor illumination, is released into the brain awareness with the discovery of the ray of the Soul.

The Nature Of The Soul, page 277


He must discover first the ray upon which his Soul is functioning. This will clarify to him his potentials insofar as Purpose, Power, and Will are concerned.

His purpose as a Soul is linked to the ray group of which he is a member, revealing, therefore, that aspect of the Plan with which he is generally related.

The ray groups are related to the Plan in the following manner:

1. The first ray - via Government

2. The second ray - via Education and more specifically the teaching of the Wisdom

3. The third ray - via civilization through
a. inventive and creative genius
b. the economic structure
c. organization at top levels

4. The fourth ray - via the balance of Power through
a. culture
b. international relationships including peace and war
c. social standards and behaviorisms

5. The fifth ray - via Science

6. The sixth ray - via Religion and Philosophy, or in the coming age via attitude and ideation

7. The seventh ray - via civilization through the wise manipulation of the form in the fields of
a. Law and Government
b. Education
c. Organization and Economy
d. Sociology
e. Occultology
f. Religion and Philosophy
g. Parapsychology, Psychiatry, and Spiritual Alchemy

A disciple's power potential is released to him, according to his particular place within his ray group, as he assumes the responsibility of that place and cooperates with the group.

In other words, his service activity is dependent upon his position within the ashramic group life and not upon his personality likes and dislikes. His power potential to be of service as a conscious disciple is released to him only as he accepts that particular position and sets out to serve his ashramic office.

The Nature Of The Soul, page 274/5


This means that the brain awareness becomes but an instrument through which the group life (Soul) expresses itself in service to its brothers (other group souls).

Its particular service has to do with its relationship to the Plan, and that of course, is determined by the type, strength, and quality of its energy potential, i.e., the ray of the Soul.

The Nature Of The Soul, page 202

First Ray seed-thought

I am receptive to the Purpose, Power and Will of God, as it is stepped down to me from my Soul. I serve that Purpose, Accept Its Power, and do the Will of God.

The Nature Of The Soul, page 60


Second Ray seed-thought

I stand receptive to that Love which is my Soul, and Truth is made known to me.

The Nature Of The Soul, page 84


Third Ray seed-thought

I stand receptive to that Divine Intelligence which produces the activity of the Plan. Right Action is revealed to me and I am made whole.

The Nature Of The Soul, page 108


Fourth Ray seed-thought

Alone I stand upon the scales, and reaching out I bring into all relationships that peculiar motion which results in balance.

The Nature Of The Soul, page 183


Fifth Ray seed-thought

A receptivity to that downward and outward movement of the Soul which produces its inward and upward growth.

The Nature Of The Soul, page 208


Sixth Ray seed-thought

A receptivity to the Divine Ideas of the overshadowing Soul, before they have taken form.

The Nature Of The Soul, page 23


Seventh Ray seed-thought

A receptivity to that precipitating Will from the level of the Overshadowing Spiritual Soul into your consciousness, and in turn a further precipitation of Divine Will into the substantial forces of your bodies via your mind.

The Nature Of The Soul, page 254


Now the shift from the Sixth Ray expression means that the ideal, which has been held before the eyes of humanity as an unattainable yet most desirable development, is to be shifted from the realm of the unattainable, to be brought down into the heart and mind of every human being as his goal. Instead of being worshipped and prayed to, it is to be brought into the heart, mind and ordered activity through Ceremonial Magic. It is to be embodied and expressed in the daily life and affairs of every member of humanity, in the civilization itself. This is the meaning of the new Seventh Ray civilization, that it brings the ideal into the field of activity.

Ashramic Projections, page 50




Creative Thinking

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