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The Dragon guardian beings have been re-awakened from the land. They are living Angelic beings of light with Sacred Hearts of living crystal. They have returned to bring about ‘the Last Judgement’. That is to weigh in the balance, the hearts of Humanity. To make contact with these beings brings about a purification of ones family lineage. That is these beings can travel up and down (and heal) our family line throughout time. This is analogous to the spiral dance of the double helix strands of DNA. These strands are conductors of this Spiritual force and our aim is to achieve the ‘True Human’. We were once ‘True Humans’ with all of our faculties intact. When these beings withdrew from our sphere, we degenerated away from our inherent magical abilities as our link was severed.



Now is our opportunity to reclaim our ‘True Divine Nature’ and our abilities to transform the environment. We are once again ready to welcome our long lost brethren of our parallel evolution; our Devic/ Angelic counterparts, that is of our Elohim origins. We lost our union with our ‘other Angelic halves’ long ago and we mistakenly have sought re-union in our own projections of love. That is we fell into death and procreation in the field of time. That is another interpretation of the Grail, it is our ‘third ray’ manifestation of form given to us as created eternally now by our Devic selves. It was the original ‘Grail Service’ by the 'Lordly Ones' so that our human ‘second ray’ of consciousness could come into being. That is to become a living body and self-aware conscious being. Our aim? To manifest the ‘first ray’ Divine Will of the Creator; through consciousness and into form.

It is our task for the next aeon and this involves the building of new forms with the help of our Devic counterparts. That is of the form building aspect of the Devic teachers. Many were sent in the past. Alexander was one of them; Solomon, David, Arthur! All the Divine Kings were of this line as form builders in consciousness. Moulding the destiny of the human race through the many eras of ray manifestation and cycles of astrological influence.

Christ was a liberator from form consciousness. He came, along with the Buddha, to teach the way of right thinking. He came to teach the Pharisees the difference between acquired knowledge and knowing from ones being. He was also the initiator of all Gnostic knowledge long before the Piscean era. This is a mystery! Now we are ready to put this knowing into practice through our reunion with our Elohim counterparts. Our own unique ‘Grail vision’ given to each and every one of us from our ‘other Devic half.’ With our own Divine Will and consciousness to see it through. We are no longer tools of the Gods.

I believe that when we were as one with our Devic counterparts as Elohim, then we were fully aware of our Divinity and passed our time in full conscious awareness of our true state. This state lasted throughout the golden age and into the silver and then at the bronze age we were still part faery. Just look at the multitude of stone circles (faery rings) built around this time.

Then what of the fourth age:

“While all those were speaking the snake had been creeping quietly around the temple, had been looking at everything and observed the fourth king close by. He stood leaning against a pillar, and his considerable form was rather more bulky than beautiful. Only the metal from which he had been cast could not easily be determined. Closely seen it was a mixture of the three metals out of which his brothers had been formed. But in the casting it would appear that these substances had not properly fused together; gold and silver veins ran unevenly through a bronze mass and gave the statue an unpleasant appearance.”

(from Goethe’s Fairy Tale of the Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily)

This figure used by Goethe can also be likened to the Egyptian God- Serapis Bey. His figure bears a cone shaped headpiece, while at his feet protrudes a three-headed serpent with a dog, a lion and a wolf. Interestingly this God has been attributed to the fourth ray (harmony through conflict) by some channels.



So the severance from our Devic consciousness meant that the elemental balance kept by the four Devic kingdoms was broken and each element ran into the other and was ruined.

Originally, the form that these teachings had taken was as a receptacle of knowledge and beingness in harmony with all creation as created by the "Lords of Form". This knowledge was a gift of the Gods and was originally implanted within his form. It was called "The Grail". And when Humanity came to realise this, then it became impregnated with Spirit beyond form and was then known as "The Holy Grail".

Now both Gods and Men could search out the Holy Grail which was The Holy of Holies. It's existence lay beyond both Gods and Men and resided behind "The Veil".

Then darkness came over the face of the waters. The age of Gods and Men was over and Humanity was left alone. The Grail was kept in safe keeping by the Gods while Humanity was left to fend for itself.

Thus two streams of consciousness were set forth upon the waves of time. One thread remembered the Grail lore and sought to emulate its teaching by Pantheistic expression. The other thread would worship the Spirit only and would deny the form. However, there would always be those amongst the Gods and Men who knew the true secret of the Grail, and these were sent as Christs to help Humanity at certain stages of his growth.

So in Jesus and Miriam, two threads came together in time once again and became The Holy Grail. Around the Christ and of his lineage, both in and out of time were a certain family of Devas (Elohim projections) who were of the original builders. They would manifest sometimes as Kings and sometimes as Queens and would often squabble and fall out and betray one another. However something was being worked out for the good of the race and it was known as "The Divine Plan". Sometimes the Divine Plan would look like it was nearing completion, only to be wrecked again by the Original Betrayers. These were those Elohim who would deny the right of Humanity his eventual happiness and Lordship.

So indeed this family exists today and is carrying on the Great Work of Unification. The work comes in many shapes and forms and is diverse. The pattern of expression falls in line with each of these lineages having descended from a particular Elohim being. So Isis is carrying on the work of Isis and with her consort Osiris, play out their particular mythical pattern over and over again. This being in different times and circumstances as wayshowers in consciousness.

Now what of the Gnosis of the Essenes?

“In the book of Enoch, the sons of the gods are identified with a group of beings called ‘watchers’ who are also mentioned in the books of Daniel and Jubilees. Enoch further explains that the watchers were the same deiform beings who had mated with the earthly women.”

(Laurence Gardner, Genesis of the Grail Kings).

Gardner cites the Essenes of Qumran as using the Serpent symbolism (knowledge and wisdom), which also relates to Kundalini, Dragon, Serpent energy or lineage.

According to Gardner:

“the stone of the Mosaic tables was said to be sapphire – a divine sapphire called Schethiyd. The Tables of Testimony contained within the stone are not to be confused with the ten commandments, nor with the divers ordinances of Midianite Law (whether related by Jehova or Jethro), but are rather more associated with the original Table of Destiny of the Annunaki. This ancient archive is directly associated with the Emerald Tablet of Thoth-Hermes and, as detailed in the alchemical records of Egypt, the author of the preserved writings was the biblical Ham, a great Archon of the Grail bloodline. He was the essential founder of the esoteric and arcane ‘underground stream’ which flowed through the ages.”

So in the Gnostic teachings we can see both the positive and negative sides of the Fourth Ray! On the positive side it is the conception of the Divine Spark in matter. On the negative it is the loosing of the divine spark and the subsequent degeneracy of being; as in the ‘fourth king’ made of mixed alloy mentioned by Goethe. Also in the worship of the Golden Calf by the Israelites, while Moses was ‘away’ in another dimension that was Mt. Sinai. That is the Divine Spark (Moses) left the body (Israel), resulting in an influx of Satanic forces or the lower self. See Kabbalah and Exodus by Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi. This is a common initiatic problem by the way!

Now we have this problem with the mass initiation of humanity to fourth ray, heart centred awareness. We are presently in a fifth ray, solar plexus orientated state, i.e. the worship of the golden calf is as much prevalent today as ever. So what is to be done? What did Moses do?

“After he had been taught, Moses turned from receiving from above to imparting to below. First, however, he covered his face so as not to discourage the people from the Work of Unification as it came to be called. This was not only the joining of the different tribes into a nation, but the work that brings all parts of an individual together and unites all the worlds.”

(Shimon Halevi, Kabbalah and Exodus).

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