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Fairies have been so much a part of my life for the last twelve years that it is sometimes quite difficult for me to realise that most people know nothing about their existence. If they think of them at all they probably regard them as attractive figments of the imagination conjured up by some obliging person for the amusement of children. And yet if we have studied even a little - we find that the main esoteric systems, whether of East or West, wherein the knowledge has been handed down among initiates from master to pupil, usually verbally, all recognise the various orders of angels and accept the exitence of Nature Spirits.

When I give a talk I usually restrict myself to information given to me telepathically by the fairies in my house and garden, but before I do this today, I am going to be a little more daring and try and tell you what I think fairies are in origin, but I am quite willing to concede that some of you know a good deal more about this than I do.

I can't think that anyone here has not at some time wondered what makes plants grow when winter is over and come to flower and fruit at different times instead of all together, which might be expected considering the conditions in a district, of sun, rain, moon and soil, are exactly the same.

I believe that all effects are brought about by different cosmic forces playing upon, penetrating and permeating the substance, not only of our Earth but the Universe. These Forces are habitually playing(?), and action that is habitual over eons of time eventually become conscious, then self-conscious and intelligent. In other words, these are not blind forces which bring about all the wonders of Nature by chance, but highly evolved Intelligences. I don't think we would be far wrong if we link the well-known term Angel with these Forces. Very little has been told us about these Beings by orthodoxy except in a very symbolic way, most difficult to understand by anyone who has not made a study of symbolic forms, but we are told that they are messengers and is not a messenger a conveyor? and may not they be conveyors of the Force and Will which turns an idea into a Reality. Now this sounds somewhat ambigious so I will give an example. The idea of the future oak is in the acorn, and it is the playing of these Intelligent Forces on it which takes it through the many stages which turn the idea within the acorn into the fact of the oak.

I have already suggested that any action which is habitual becomes conscious, self-conscious and intelligent. This was the sequence with the Cosmic Forces with which we have linked the term Angel. Now these Intelligent Forces are habitually playing on matter, the degree of intensity being governed by certain cosmic cyclic changes which include our seasons. These Forces cause certain stresses, actions and re-actions to take place in the matter, varying according to whether it is of a solid, liquid or gaseous nature or of the physicists ether. Again constant repitition has its effect and these stereotyped actions require an increasing degree of consciousness until they gain a separate existence, no longer dependent on the activity which caused them to come into being. These existences are the elementals of earth, water, air and fire of which we have all heard. Their activities continue, and like molecules of physical matter, they act and react among themselves, unite or repel one another until they become more complex in nature. I'm afraid I don't know whether there is an official term for these little existences, but I think the word complexity serves to distinguish them from the elementals which are capable of only one type of function within one idea.


Elementals then, I understand, come into being as the result of the Angelic Forces playing on the matter to stimulate it into certain activities. To put it into very simple language, one might say that these non-human part-beings are the "children" of the Angels and Matter, and from them evolve the complexities or Nature spirits and Fairies.

If we link the Fairies to the Cosmic Forces in this way, I think we will begin to realise that there are occult truths in Fairy Stories. For instance, the gifts bestowed by good and bad fairies at a child's christening. Isn't this a reference to the astrological influences under which we are all born? Linking the fairies with the science of astrology in this way will I hope, lead to the thought that all manifestation is part of a whole, in other words don't shut fairies up in a box as though they are something apart from our daily lives. Whether we realise it or not, the evolution to which the fairies belong contributes a great deal to our very existence, in fact if it weren't for the ministrations of the Nature Spirits, there would be no agriculture.

There is of course a vast Nature Spirit World containing countless categories in type and degrees (of) consciousness including those of microscopic size which work in their teeming millions building and breaking down the bodies of the plant and animal Kingdoms. Then there are the innumerable little creatures whose movement in play or other compulsive forms of activity unconsciously contribute to evolution by distributing the cosmic powers in which they live. These might be compared to ants or bees in consciousness, or higher up the scale to a bird within a flock or an animal of a herd. Consciousness in each varies but in no case is there individual awareness, the ant, bee, bird, animal or Nature Spirit being, part of a whole. One might say that the ant-hill, bee-hive, flock or herd is the incarnating personality within the group-soul of the species, although I think that in some instances where there has been contact with an understanding man, although remaining member of its group, there could be a greater awareness than is usual, in a member of a herd or possibly of a flock of birds

Gradually the members in a group diminish as consciousness grows until perhaps there are two elves working as a single unit or a leader, controlling a group of lesser Nature Spirits.

Wherever there is a natural division of land, such as a valley, a forest or a range of mountains, there develops an over-soul and these great Devas brood over, and bring about the changes in the area through the intermediary of the innumerable lesser Nature Spirits who live there.

We have compared the consciousness of the little non-human part entities to groups of animals. We know that animals through their association with Man, become domesticated. They become self-conscious because they are aware of someone outside themselves. They learn to obey. They learn to love. It is this last which I believe is the key to individualization, for to learn to love is to find God - or an aspect of Him, even if the finder knows nothing of the existence of what we can call God. It is the nucleus and beginning of a new type of being - of Individual living.

Like animals, complexities or Nature Spirits too can be domesticated. They are used by Adepts in their work and discarnate Man even though not an adept, if he understands these things can "adopt" one or some of these non-human exitences and provide them with an object for observation. In loving them, they bring them into contact with a force which is not their own and as with animals, Love causes Individualization. This is not just sentimentality on my part for as you know Love is a great Force and one of the Factors which built the manifested Universe and which also continues to sustain it.

Through this contact with the human being there becomes available to the Nature spirit a whole new magnetic field containing the concrete thinking mind or man's logical mode of mentation.

I am not saying that there are not other methods of individualization, indeed I am sure that there are, but I think that this particular process is probably the occult truth behind the so-called "marriage" of a man and a fairy in the traditional Fairy stories, whether from Ireland, Scotland or Wales and which is always considered necessary before the Faery can acquire a soul and thus immortality. Occultly of course, marriage does not mean what we mean by the word, but the conjunction of two forces bringing them into equilibrium.

I believe that all fairies who have been seen by psychics are these individuals. I am not however including such seers as Geoffrey Hodson and Rudolf Steiner who's vision goes far deeper enabling them to see the Nature Spirit in its own sphere rather than cloaked with etheric substance giving them a degree of materialization.

Yet it is interesting that these two advanced occultists vary considerably in their finding. For instance Geoffrey Hodson says that gnomes have very little consciousness and their atmosphere is inclined to be evil, wheras Rudolf Steiner says that they are filled with inherent wisdom and regard man's complicated way of thinking with amused tolerance. One can only presume that there is a whole world of gnomes, who, like humans and fairies also vary widely in type and consciousness.

Among these individualized existences are those whom I like to call "my fairies" They reached this status many years ago and are highly intelligent, some of course more so than others as with the human race. They are quite different in character, some being gay and others grave, some impetuous, others patient and plodding.

Twelve years ago the group around me consisted of ten out-door fairies with their leader and six house-fairies but in ones and twos, or sometimes in groups, others have joined us until there are now about 35 which I have identified and who's names I know, although I am sure that there are many other observers of which I am quite ignorant.

I am now going to return to the question of individualization. A member of what I call the outer group, who's name is Relia comes and visits me once a week. On one of these occasions I became aware that she was not alone, but had some, what I must call "children" with her. I questioned her about them and asked her if she would come and tell me how they came into being. As is usual, she was delighted to have the opportunity of telling a human being a little about an aspect of fairy life, but she had to have help in which one might call composition. She turned to one called Father John, who is my guide, counsellor and beloved companion of many incarnations. This time alas he is not with me in the flesh, but neither are we lost to each other. It was through him that I met the fairies, and it was his power which at the beginning acted as the bridge between our two evolutions. He is the loving friend of many including the fairies, and with his help Relia was able to express herself, so that a human being could understand.



RELIA, (IN HER OWN WORDS) - 10th July 1960.

"For some years now I have had in my charge three young fairies. We do not have babies like human beings but we provide them with the conditions for their growth. Is not this in reality what human parents do? They produce the body which is the 'container' for the soul and in their daily lives, they supply the conditions in which the child reaches maturity.

"With fairies, it is a little different for it is our task to provide the means by which an un-individualized member of a group can be separated from that group and become aware of itself through becoming aware of its guardians. The conditions which we provide are not only 'containers' but also 'Barriers' to prevent a return to the group.

"A certain stage has to be reached before a separation can take place and the little consciousness presented to the guardians to care for. We then use Will. We reflect ourselves as individuals into the little mind so that the idea of something outside of itself enters. Eventually this becoming aware of something apart from itself, causes it to become aware of its own self. In other words it becomes self-conscious.

"There is no sudden awakening to the presence of this reflection of us leading to awareness of our actual selves. Day by day, we perform this act of will until the appearance of a tiny light tells us that we have achieved our purpose and, as you would say, the baby has been born.

"I have had three children, one is now the equivalent of about four years old, another six, and the eldest has reached the stage when she has gone out into the world to join another group in order to learn.

"At Midsummer, the downpour of power filled her to prepare her for a new phase in her existence and she left us to form her own judgements and to experience trials and joys of her own.

"To a human being, I understand, this parting is a painful one, but to us it is a task completed. We prepared her for her test of living and now she must develop, as we all must, of her own free will. This is the gift which Individualization bestows. Free will to work or to play, to progress or slip back. It is therefore important that, while in their care, the guardians should impress on their charges their importance in God's Plan; that their life is part of the Whole and the great gift of free-will must be used wisely.

"Of course, the young are not wise and they must learn through experience. But at least this young one knows the way she SHOULD go and I hope that she will find her Path without stumbling too often before she reaches it."

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