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"As long as one is committed to the idea that the stars are something above the head, they will lack the eye of knowledge."

~ Nietzsche


The stars in the sky are our only constant reality, everything else is illusionary and transient. The pattern of the stars exists within us as our archetype of angles - the ancients knew this and so planned their earthly reality, their environment, their reckoning of time, even their life-styles in accord with the stars to create a harmonic relationship between human consciousness and devic form; thus resolving this natural duality into a perfect instrument for divine purpose. The ancients worked with the devas to establish harmony between the celestial and terrestrial worlds because they had full knowledge of the devas ~ devas and humans shared a collective awareness. They did not worship the gods, they worked with the gods, they did not believe in God, they knew they were part of God's Kingdom. They had experience of divine reality in their daily lives, and naturally lived a ceremony of life --

"True ceremony is an inner state of being, which is channeled into every outer act."

~ Lucille Cedercrans (1)

God today is a concept. As such it has reached the end of the red carpet (ie blood-line). That is the negativity behind such books as the Da Vinci Code, which seek to strengthen our ties to rulership by re-orientating our quest; when instead we should be seeking the grail within - our humanness as separate from our devicness, the grail cup as a symbol of our individuality within the group soul of humanity - the kingdom of consciousness. To free our souls from the bondage of our blood and even more so from another's.

"Religions have frightened humanity by their verdicts and have bereft it of daring. A man who has succumbed blindly to the state religion is like a donkey who bears an unknown load. Can one accept a religion as a police order? Can one accept on faith the verdicts of strangers who receive fees for communing with heaven?"

~ Agni Yoga (2)

Until we see through the god lie we will not understand that the multitudinous gods are the real source of our devic reality, the maya through which we live and have our being. The one solar god concept unified men, as King Arthur unified his kingdom - yet his was a round table, without a red carpet. The inner kingdom of humanity is now being unified and we are ready to become independent stellar aspects of this unity. That is what synthesis is all about, collective individualism, united in purpose.

The New Thought Form Presentation of the Wisdom concerns the Son of Man, not the son of god. The many gods are the devas who create our reality, and when in ancient times they became extra-sensory (humans lost the ability to sense them) the few people who could still converse with devas became the mystics, the poets, the artists, and the seers - and eventually the priesthood, who took on the role of rulership on behalf of the gods.




"The ancient Poets animated all sensible objects with Gods or Geniuses, calling them by the names and adorning them with the properties of woods, rivers, mountains, lakes, cities, nations, and whatever their enlarged and numerous senses
could percieve.

And particularly they studied the genius of each city and country, placing it under its mental deity;

Till a system was formed,
which some took advantage of,
and enslav'd the vulgar by attempting to realise or abstract the mental deities from their objects: thus began Priesthood; Choosing forms of worship from poetic tales.

And at length they pronounc'd
that the Gods had order'd such things.

Thus men forgot that All deities reside in the human breast."


"The Marriage Of Heaven and Hell"

Many unseen gods eventually became one unseen god, with just one earthly representative. Thus was religion born.

Sages know well that gods are real, they are devas, and sages know also that the one god as the universal soul of Humanity is the best approach to this wisdom. Eventually we will each become aware for ourselves of the true conscious nature of our Self and its relationship to the devic world through which we have our being, and then again we will know ourselves as the Sons and Daughters of Man ~ which some call Christ.

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