The Seven Rays Today



Humans are Second Primary creatures, and have a closer relationship with stars than with planets, which are of the Third Primary Devic evolution. Humans are born into earthly life to perform definite roles within the Absolute’s Divine Plan that lower beings are unable to accomplish, and the Human involvement with the planetary ecosystem is of secondary importance. Humans are able to work with more refined energies originating with the Seven Rays, and this gives us the ability to use our conscious energy to adjust the stellar energy involved in our life process. Humans have the divine ability to create out of these energies, by exercising their gift of FREEWILL together with the objective awareness required to manufacture objects through the manipulation of the natural substances of his environment.

Evolutionary energy from the Seven Rays operates through most people in a purely subjective fashion, and is instigated before birth. Individuals of a particular Ray choose to be incarnated at certain times to accomplish particular tasks in the evolution of Humanity. An example is the interest in new age healing therapies, and the prominence of the caring professions which are a consequence of the prevalence of Second Ray souls who were born several decades ago, and are now mature enough to give Humanity a slight nudge in their particular spiritual direction.

In this way, every person, with or without spiritual awareness, can become a channel for the energy of their soul Ray, and so develop the Divine Plan that is naturally evolved and played out through Humanity on Earth. While Humanity remains ignorant of the life processes involved in this ability to fashion the environment, the Second Primary energy used to accomplish this is linked to the archetypal First Primary. The First Primary works through archetypes to extend the barriers that it was responsible for creating in the first place, in order to increase and add to these archetypal qualities. The essential role of the First Primary is to continue the evolutionary process.

This means that Humans are using Second Primary energy to create Third Primary forms that have been initialised by the First Primary of archetypes working naturally through them. So although Humans have the ability to create by combining Second Primary conscious energy with Third Primary imagination, unless they deliberately employ their own will, their creations can only match the original First Primary archetypes. With very few exceptions, everything that exists on Earth has been inspired by higher intelligences, and Humans are mere tools of the ‘gods’. In this way, man is conforming to the Divine Plan as originally conceived by the First and Third Primary energies of the cosmos, even though he may believe he alone is responsible for his creations.



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