The Seven Rays Today



The angular framework of each individual Human being has three different aspects, which relate to the three Primary Rays. The First Primary is the archetype of the Human through which his Monadic essence flows, the Second Primary is his true spiritual motivation and therefore his soul Ray, and his Third Primary is his Personality type, the common denominator of his astrological form as mapped out by his horoscope.

The Devic form of the Human related to the Third Primary is connected to the planet Earth through the kundalini force which emanates through his Base Centre and which is distributed to us at a level we can use through the agency of the Moon; without this connection to our planet we would not exist in physical form, because Earth gives man his substance. Similarly our Elemental First Primary life energy is connected to us through our Crown Centre, and this energy is distributed to us from the Sun. This is responsible for our intention, or will to live. Finally, the interaction of these two energies organises the Second Primary production of consciousness that allows our form life to exercise our intention in both directions, to be influenced as well as to exert influence, through the Ascendant, and via the action of the circulating planets.

Although Human beings respond to these three cosmic energies, the Human evolution is essentially bi-polar, being the product of the original two Primaries, of Will and Love, which relate magically speaking to electrical and magnetic energies. Angles are also bi-polar, but the product of two different Primaries, The First Primary Of Will, which is responsible for their intention, and the Third Primary of Form, which is responsible for their substance. So a human’s true heritage is to exist as a bi-polar being, he is a creature of consciousness subject to the Will of the Absolute, but he has to utilise Third Primary energies for manifestation: this is how and why he has become connected to the Devic evolution in a mutually helpful capacity. In man’s true condition, he does not have form, and neither is he beholden to time, another Third Primary manifestation. The natural human condition is an existence of pure consciousness.

A good example to show that we are creatures of consciousness, who inhabit physical bodies composed of angles, can be demonstrated practically by seeing how our consciousness is able to exist beyond time in our ordinary lives. When we sleep, we have no awareness of time because we are functioning on other consciousness levels. During sleep, we are conscious of other realities because we naturally access different levels of consciousness. More than this, we have the ability to do things, to move about and function in a similar way to our usual activity in our physical and wide-awake periods. Dreams are only a small part of our sleep life, and generally astral in origin.

This is because awareness is not the same as consciousness, we are conscious when we are asleep even though our physical body is unaware of its surroundings. During sleep, our centres function on different levels so that our senses are retuned and do not register the angular influences from our physical surroundings. We dream through our elevated state of consciousness when we are physically unaware and asleep ~ it is only that we lack the ability to join our different states of consciousness that inhibits our ability to remember dreams, and our nightly activity on the Astral and higher Planes. We are conscious the whole of our lives and although our awareness apparently ceases for eight hours daily, our consciousness remains with us until death.

In order to explain in more depth, we need to clarify the difference between the concept of the Planes and the variety of conditions, or levels, of consciousness. Basically, when we talk about the Astral and Mental Planes we are discussing areas of existence beyond usual Human perception, even though people function quite normally in these realms when they are deep in thought or feeling very emotional. The reason a person is unaware that these common occurrences put him in touch with higher Planes, is because the angles that connect him to the Planes during his waking state can operate through any active centre, not just the Head Centre. As only those experiences that pass through angles connected to his Head Centre give him cause to notice them as thoughts or emotions, experiences that pass through different areas of his angular structure remain as background impressions below the level of consciousness.

This is necessary because the consciousness of the physical realm, the normal waking state that is experienced mainly through the Head Centre and the relevant sensory apparatus that is controlled by this, is solely concerned with the physical activity experienced through the second sub-plane of the physical realm. The reason man is conscious of the physical is because his awareness is centred on the second sub-plane of the Physical Plane. This is the normal Human condition of consciousness. A person is awake when the first three sub-plane correspondences are active, the first sub-plane of will, giving volition, the physical movement of the body, his activity; the second sub-plane of consciousness which we are concerned with here and which gives him general awareness of his surroundings via his senses; and the third sub-plane of co-ordination and imagination which are tied in with the alternative Third Ray definition of intelligent activity.

When we are asleep, or in any kind of semiconscious or trance condition, these three sub-planes of the Physical become dormant, and are superseded by their counterparts on the Astral. So when we are asleep we are still conscious, but on the second sub-plane of the Astral rather than the Physical, because it is through the second sub-plane of every Plane that we experience the condition we know as consciousness. This is not the same as awareness, which is related to the physical sensation of the senses that operate through lower sub-planes of the Physical. The first and third sub-planes are also operative on the Astral during sleep, giving ‘freedom of movement’, which I will explain in a moment, and the ability to utilise the imaginative faculties. When consciousness descends back to the Physical and the person ‘comes round’, the only awareness will be vague memories of illogical dream imagery.

So the first three sub-planes responsible for our volition, consciousness and intelligent activity, become stimulated through the action of the three Primaries to maintain life on the Physical Plane when we are conscious, and similarly act through the equivalent sub-planes of the Astral, Mental or Etheric Planes when we are unconscious. When a person is unconscious, the lower four sub-planes of the physical stay operative under the direction of the fourth etheric sub-plane, through the medium of the subconscious working with the Primaries of the Solar Plexus Centre. This Centre, the current Human centre of polarisation, is directly connected to the energies of the Primaries, and during sleep these connect through the etheric umbilical cord giving unconscious volition of necessary body functions to keep the body alive.

Meanwhile, the higher three sub-planes of the Astral take over the previously dormant Astral body composed of the four lower sub-planes of the astral realms, allowing a person to function naturally on the Astral Plane, to move about, to be aware and to respond to this alternative environment. Everybody does this everyday when they sleep, but as the Astral is entirely different to the Physical, we must not assume the same conditions apply.

From this we can see each of a Human’s higher bodies or shells, and in particular the Astral and Mental bodies, are composed of the lower four sub-planes of their respective Planes, and remain dormant while the Physical body is in operation during normal waking consciousness. In sleep or trance conditions, the highest three sub-planes of the Physical turn off by moving up to the Astral, where they activate the Astral Body, or they rise higher and activate the Mental Body. Only one body can be operative at any one time. The key to the linking of the Planes and their respective bodies lies with the fourth sub-planes that we know as the etheric. Through this sub-plane we can connect with our experiences of other realities, by retaining the memory of the consciousness experienced on the second sub-planes of other Planes and connecting it with the consciousness of the Physical Plane.

One further point concerning the three higher sub-planes taking charge of either the physical body when awake, or the higher bodies when unconscious, is that the fourth sub-plane can be left in control because it is intimately connected with the Devic evolution, who function naturally on the Fourth Plane of the Etheric, which is their equivalent ‘physical form’ level. Therefore the Fourth Plane is the meeting point of Devic and Human life, and their lowest point of manifestation as themselves, as well as our highest, except in rare cases. It is through the medium of the fourth sub-plane of the Physical that the Devas assist in the control and regulation of Human life functions through their association with the Elementals of the Physical, while man’s highest three principles are absent and sojourning on higher Planes.



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