The Spiritual Path Of Humanity ~ a journey through time & space


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"Into Aquarius With The Masters"

by Mo Hone


The main thing people today can be grateful for as far as the Romans are concerned, is that they showed how to become civilized through the organization of a society founded upon a structure of social laws and an ethical code of conduct.

Their empire existed at the time when the average person had fully realized their status as an individual; in other words the mental condition that had restricted people's freedom until they were sufficiently evolved to become aware of their own spirituality, and that had seen individuals progress through an attachment to their species, their tribe, their race, and their city, was now a self-awareness of their own individuality.

Christ demonstrated that this individuality, when properly realized, was the pointer towards man's true Path, and was subject solely to the limitations of his conscience and not the legislation of the State. Ideally of course, the two should be synonymous.


Because of this new awareness of the inner self, people must eventually outgrow their exoteric and exterior concept of God. Christ laid the foundation stones of preparation for this switch from the outer to the inner, and demonstrated the way was open to all people, not just the elite, and that the key to this realization was love. The time had come for everyone to learn the realization that God is within, and that every one of us is potentially a Son of God, just as Christ was.

The average person today is still very much a sinner and full of deep-rooted imperfections, but these 'evils' only lie in our inability to respond to this higher part of ourselves. Such imperfections will be cancelled out when this unity is achieved, and this must be seen as a certainty because the divine spark within each person, our spirit, is already perfect in as much as it is part of the Absolute.

His Plan, as far as we can comprehend it and for unquestionable reasons, is to give each incarnating part of Himself this experience of Existence through Consciousness; for this reason, and this reason alone from His point of view, we are alive, because we are part of Him. Our role as individual human beings is to become aware of our divine monadic connections and act accordingly.

One condition of our spirit's trip into the physical realms, so that it can actually experience life, is that it cannot remain objective. Whilst in the form of our earthly and physical kingdom it is necessary for the spirit to be totally submerged, subjectively, in the 'animal' body which is its vehicle. Before beginning each new life, a human spirit can do no more than hope that this time its body will respond to the genetic influences administered by the Lords of Karma, and grant this divine essence at least one opportunity to react consciously through the medium of earthly flesh. Such conscious action is the achievement required by the Absolute before freeing each spirit from the wheel of Birth and Death.

I hope you can appreciate the importance of the point I am trying to make. If our higher self, the part we call the spirit and which incarnates life after life, is totally and subjectively immersed in its physical vehicle, then it has no volition to act on its own behalf if the vehicle hasn't the conscious capacity to be aware of it!

The stage of self-consciousness, shown biblically by Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, was the step out of animal immersion which is without spirit into potential individuality; and the first step towards this self-realization was immediately after the Fall ~ seen as the start of the journey of ‘first-born’ humans with their individual soul that irreversibly separated them from the animal kingdom.

The concept of gods through an objective perception of natural phenomena was then used to kindle the spark of this spirit. The Jews, as a progression of this, were given the concept of a single God for all humanity, so that people could accept the unity of all creation and the truth concerning the existence of the Absolute. The Hindus were given the realization of the continuation of the spirit after death, and rebirth of the same everlasting spirit in a succession of lives; and the prophets of many races introduced the idea of the recognition of the spirit through its aspects of morality and ethics which prompted selfless deeds.


The reason why these various concepts of gods and the one God have been essential to humanity's spiritual development is that they are all necessarily objective in a way which the higher self could never be. Without the idea of a third-party involvement, there would be no hope of the human spirit ever realizing its absolute ambition and true purpose.


Returning to the present day situation, we can appreciate that Christianity and the other major world religions have helped develop the conscience of humanity, and that through love for humanity as a whole people will be lead away from the idolisation of their own personalities; and with Aquarian Age ideals people must now be free to look harder for the spark within. Doing one's own thing in one's own way, a typical Aquarian ideal, does not include formal ties to creed, dogma and other attributes of conventional religion, so the alternative for people today has to be a development of their individual awareness of their own individual God.

As explained before, one's higher self is totally dormant at this stage of our evolution, and cannot be recognized because it remains entirely subjective. We must learn to grow into it until it awakens and we become it, thereby attaining true Nirvana through our expanded consciousness. This is bliss, true positive awareness of the totality of our spirit's existence through countless lives and as a pure part of the Absolute, one with God. This goal will draw nearer as we develop the relationship with our God.

Meanwhile, we need a crutch. Aeons ago we had gods, then one God, then Christ, and now we have his disciples who have been initiated into new higher awareness levels so that they can become our Masters.

This is the key to the New Age we are just entering. Each of us will find our own paths to the heavens without trying to impress our beliefs onto others who might be destined for a different path to the same goal. We will follow our Master’s advice, and tread the path he will point out to us, leaving everything behind except the necessary tools of love and understanding.

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