The Seven Rays

In Human Relationships


by Mo





(In these examples we are considering the predominant ray of the personality, not the soul Ray.)



The dominant partner. Stunning and sudden effects on people, forcing others around them to do their bidding, often unconsciously. Independent to a degree, but often needing someone on whom to react.


The passive partner. Friendly, attractive, all things to all men / women, nice people much liked and likes most people. They don't impose on others but are always there when needed. Over-friendliness can make them appear casual or flirty.


The active partner. Like doing things together, especially sports, pastimes and games, indoor or outdoor. They enjoy discussions and intelligent conversations, or even just talking, which to them is better than silence. They need someone similar to themselves, and they have the necessity to be stimulated, either from a wide circle of acquaintances, but failing this from the media, such as books or television.


The abstract partner. In other words, their natural role is to be around rather than with anybody, they have great empathy and are very aware of other people's disposition and how others feel towards and them and think of them. Just as a 1st Ray person can instantly create an atmosphere when walking into a room, so a 4th Ray person can sense an atmosphere immediately, but can also harmonise it and balance it in a way others can neither appreciate nor understand. Also they put themselves in other's positions to see their point of view and so are good at mediating in arguments, providing they don't get too involved themselves.


The traditionally polite partner. He is socially aware of everybody's correct position, has to do things right, adhere to the customs and conventions of his society, and he can find a correct procedure in the most forward thinking new age group. He is always meticulous, tidy and does everything according to his pre-formulated plans, leaving nothing to chance.


The loyal devoted partner. He gives the appearance of lacking an individuality as he is so devoted to close friends, but he is warm and intensely emotional even when he is upset and in a fearsome rage. He likes very much to help anyone in trouble but gets over-involved and takes other problems to heart, often sacrificing his own feelings and needs.


The occasional partner. He lives his own life as he wants to, independently of his partner whom he expects to do the same. However, this can cause great arguments, as others are weak in his eyes when they follow him and disrespectful if they go their own way. Basically, he is so independent he doesn't need other people at all, except to react with or as an audience or as servants to do his bidding. He gets on best with people who have earned his respect, and can sense when he wants them around, and when he doesn't.


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