The Seven Rays


T. Subba Row (1888)


The seven rays ..... represent the outflowing energy from the seven centres of force in the Logos; they represent seven forces, so to speak, which must enter into everything in the universe. No object can exist without the presence of each of these seven forces.



"...our brother, Mr. T. Subba Row, the most learned occultist in India at this time, a disciple of the Himalayan Hierophants..."
(H.P. Blavatsky 1883) [1]

When the seven rays we have spoken of proceed from the Logos, they are separate, and subsequently co-mingle in the formation of all beings. When an individual begins his course of evolution, these rays are equally balanced in him, none preponderating more than another. In the course of time the man's actions, his karma, cause him to come particularly under the influence of one or another of the rays. Upon this ray he must make his further progress, till he has succeeded in merging his life in the life of the Logos - the grand fountain-head of light and power.

When this mergence takes place, the man does not suffer loss of individuality; rather he enjoys an almost infinite extension of individuality. Each of the seven classes of Logoi has its own peculiar consciousness, and knows that this is so; that is to say, each Logos recognises its own light; but each Logos also participates in the life of all the other classes of Logoi; that is to say, the peculiar quality of their life is represented in it also; so that an individuality, in merging in a particular Logos, is not cut off from the consciousness of the other Logoi, but shares in, and experiences, their consciousness also.



N.B. "The deep occult knowledge which the late T. Subba Row possessed is attested to again and again by H.P.B. She has considered him as having more occult knowledge than herself, and the first draft of The Secret Doctrine was sent to him by her for correction and revision." (from Esoteric Writings by T. Subba Row)

Extracted from a discussion with Mr. Subba Row at the Adyar Library, held on 1st December, 1888, which appears in a more complete form at:


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