A new appreciation of the

Ageless Wisdom and Esoteric Astrology

by Mo Hone



Seven Rays, Planes, Kingdoms & Angles


The Seven Rays have never become fully integrated into the New Age Wisdom that has taken over from the Ancient Wisdom. Of all the subjects that have been given new life and promised exciting developments somehow the Seven Rays have been unable to find a real and meaningful slot, one that would help to fill the many gaps that still exist in a comprehensive philosophy of arcane knowledge from both hemispheres of the ancient world. This book is an attempt to give a basic understanding of the Rays and show that they can indeed find a useful place in humanity's heritage of wisdom.

So what are the Seven Rays? Well not strictly Rays at all, or perhaps they may loosely be seen as relating to cosmic rays. Initially they were thought of as a sevenfold stepping down of God's infinite Will. That this process was associated with rays was perhaps more prophetic than many ancients could have seen. We know today through modern science that this same stepping down process of energy, coming from the starry realms of God's kingdom, is related to the variety of wavelengths of invisible rays, and our planet is under continual bombardment of sub-atomic particles. So we can define the Seven Rays at this early stage in the book as the sevenfold division of God's or the Absolute's Divine Will affecting all life seen objectively from our planet Earth's point of view, from macrocosmic star systems down to microscopic sub-atomic particles.

A more useful definition would be the Seven Rays are the seven natural and precise divisions between the various states of any singular reality. I will repeat this definition later and hope that it will come to mean more with a deeper discussion of the symbols behind astrology. For now we can simplify it and say the Seven Rays are the seven states of energy and matter, taking the last two terms as different aspects of the same reality. So the highest or finest state of energy or matter is it's First Ray manifestation and the lowest or most dense state is it's Seventh Ray manifestation. This in no way infers different states as being inferior or superior to each other, no more than red is inferior or superior to brown. The analogy of light is helpful here: the spectrum of colours being the various states of white light differing only in a scientific sense by their frequency or wavelength. All spectrum colours can be equally bright, and whilst having a separate existence from each other together they form white light. Such are the Seven Rays, which are the background to the seven states of matter at the lowest levels, and the seven states of spirit at the highest levels.

To see how the Rays are intimately connected with astrology let us begin at the beginning. All life is subject to three basic constituents. These are the will or intention of becoming and remaining alive, called the life-force; the consciousness or the state and condition of being alive; and the vehicle for life or bodily form. All life has at least these three constituents, and where these three constituents are active the process of life is being fulfilled. As soon as the will to live goes, death becomes inevitable. Without consciousness, awareness ceases, and so the will to live is necessarily terminated as well. Without form for the previous two conditions of life, then consciousness evaporates and the life-force is again bound to disperse.

Will, consciousness and form. Three basic ingredients of life. Three primary conditions for ALL life, throughout the microcosmic and macrocosmic realms of existence. We can call these conditions the Primary Rays of Manifestation, the First Ray of Will, the Second Ray of Love or Consciousness, and the Third Ray of Form, being the first three Rays of the Seven Rays. Now this is a minimum requirement for life, but to explain the variety of life forms in existence on Earth, the Third Ray is divided into a further four, called the Rays of Attribute. To explain more fully, although form is the third ingredient of life such form could exist as a single cell, an ocean teaming with life, a planet or even an idea seen as a thoughtform. The last four Rays put form into perspective.

In this introduction to the Rays, I am considerably simplifying the system so that you can get an idea of these new concepts. Later ideas will expand and even to a certain extent change the concepts. With this in mind let me use the system invented by the ancient philosophers and astrologers, the four elements. We will assume that the Fourth Ray equates with Fire, the Fifth Ray with Air, The Sixth Ray with Water and the Seventh Ray with Earth. Zodiac signs are divided into these four elements, so here lies a clue to their relationship with the Seven Rays. Zodiac signs are also allocated three qualities, called Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. These also figure in a relationship with the Rays, in this case with the first three Primary Rays. So already we have a definite relationship between astrology and the Seven Rays, by saying, for example that as Aries is a Cardinal Fire sign it exhibits qualities of the First and Fourth Rays. This doesn't alter what we know of to be typical Aries influences; it just helps us to understand these influences in a new way.

All life consists of the life-force, consciousness and form. The life-force maintains the energy of the life of the entity whilst the consciousness and the form maintain an equal balance. When a major imbalance occurs the life-force departs and the entity dies, and rises to a higher level, with a finer consciousness apparatus and a finer form, where it is stimulated again with a fresh injection of life-force.

The individual Human being is of one Ray, and one Ray only. In this current life, in past lives and in future lives he will still be of just one Ray. In cosmic terms Humans can change Rays, but in our present scheme we will assume they cannot. The part of the individual that relates to their Ray is the Higher Self, which in turn relates to the even higher 'god-principle', a Human's true Monadic existence, which is only subject to a threefold rather than sevenfold classification. In the image of this Higher Self is the Personality, which relates not to a Ray but to a Plane through it's intimate connection to form. Astrologically, the life impulse of a Human is shown by the Sun's natal position, the consciousness type by the Ascendant, and the form aspect by the natal Moon, although this is a vast simplification of an obscure subject at this early stage. The interaction of the luminaries between New and Full Moon adequately illustrate the balance between a person's consciousness and their form, which show as Human bodily desires and needs.

To begin a quick overview of the mystical cosmology presented in this book we first have to assume that the highest level of life is both infinite and eternal. To use this concept we also have to assume the existence of an infinite and eternal being which I call the Absolute, which we could interpret as God or the Creator if these terms were themselves not already replete with various connotations that might serve to confuse. Initially the Absolute conceives the intention to experience, and so projects His life into manifestation. But this subjective interaction requires substantiation to create the experience, so form and consciousness are added to create a separate reality ~ a life form which is still part of the Absolute as it is made from and by Him, but He becomes it's Creator and so can experience objective life through it's experience. He then further conceives the notion of expanding this objectivity through a myriad of different experiences by making His creation do as He did and create in it's likeness, as this experience was beyond His initial perception because He was still subjective to the original creation. Thus all life is a consequence of one of the three Aspects of the Absolute; His Will or initial intention, His Consciousness and His Form.

However, each of His three Aspects is further split into seven precise parts. The divisions of the Absolute's first Aspect, His Will, are known as the Lords of Flame; those of His second Aspect, His Consciousness, are known as the Lords of Mind; and those of His third Aspect are known as the Lords of Form. The seven divisions of the Lords of Flame are the Elemental Kingdoms of archetypes from star systems to minerals, the seven divisions of the Lords of Mind are the Seven Rays of Human motivation, and the seven divisions of the Lords of Form are the seven Planes of Devic manifestation. Therefore there are three basic evolutions of life ~ the Gods who are evolving towards becoming the Lords of Flame, Humans who are evolving towards becoming the Lords of Mind, and the Devas who are evolving towards becoming the Lords of Form.

In the physical world, the three evolutionary life-streams work like this. The void between the Absolute and His manifestation as the planet Earth is the Second Primary Ray of latent consciousness. Within this void the life-force of the Absolute's archetypal expression, the First Primary Ray, acts to create vehicles for His Will, and in so doing acts upon the Devic form which is stimulated into manifesting the Seven Planes through the Third Primary Ray. This interaction causes two aspects of life to attain a balanced condition, and so the void becomes activated into becoming the consciousness of the new life. The Second Primary can be seen here in both it's negative and positive qualities, as the pre-creative void and the post-creative consciousness. Also the Planes can be seen as the result of the interaction of the First and Third Primaries, although it is easier to think of them as being formed by the Devic evolution out of the archetypal structure of the Elemental beings, the Lords of Flame. This may seem confusing at this stage, but it will become clearer as we progress. The important thing to remember is that the three life-streams function as the Seven Kingdoms, the Seven Rays and the Seven Planes. These, in turn, relate to the Lords of Flame, the Lords of Mind and the Lords of Form respectively, Diagram One.

As experience descends into more dense matter, further creations are made by the created to return to the Absolute to complete His experience. This act of creation comes about through the perfect balancing of the relevant units of Human consciousness with their equivalent Devic form, giving the Elemental life-force the instinctive motivation to imbue the joining with it's life giving energies. There are Seven Kingdoms, which act as archetypal blueprints for creation, and each one of these is again divided by seven. The Creator creates the archetype of each sub-division of each Kingdom and the creatures recreate themselves according to their own archetype, and further create within their own environments new creations from Kingdoms lower than their own. Fundamentally, all Kingdoms, creations, and life forms are built in God's own image evolving back eventually to the Absolute in a new 'atomised' and individually refined state. Every Kingdom, life form, being, Ray, Plane etc., are intimately intertwined and still one with the Absolute.

It may help you understand this system of Kingdoms and Planes by relating them to our ordinary everyday world. We exist on the seventh subdivision of the cosmic Seventh Plane of the Physical. From our standpoint, we can see the physical representations of the seven Kingdoms have their lowest manifestation in our normal reality, but also have higher realities above the physical. The seventh Kingdom consists of the varieties of mineral life, and this exists only on our Plane, but holds an intimate connection to the seventh sub-plane of all higher Planes. The sixth Kingdom consists of plant life, and it has a secondary existence on the Sixth Plane and the sixth sub-plane of all other Planes. This shows that plants have a potential astral awareness, which is the function of the Sixth or Astral Plane of Emotions.

You have to appreciate that all Kingdoms of life have their higher counterparts, or equivalent Higher Selves, one Plane above the Plane on which they naturally function. Plant life functions on the Physical but under the influences coming from the Astral, the Plane above, which is why it is correct to say plants have feelings. The two exceptions to this are the Seventh Kingdom of minerals and the First Kingdom of star systems, which have an intimate relationship with each other that is too complicated to concern us here.

The next Kingdom is the fifth ~ the animal world. This has it's Higher Self equivalent on the Fifth Plane but functions normally on the Astral Plane. Animals have the potential faculty of thought, and in the more evolved species, this is quite well developed. So animals function normally on the Sixth Plane, but are open to influences coming from the Fifth Plane of the Mind, and the fifth sub-plane of all other Planes. We now arrive at the Human position in the scheme. Humans belong to the Fourth Kingdom, of the Etheric or Intuition, and function normally on the Fifth Plane of the Mind, but are subject to influence from their Higher Selves on the Fourth Plane, and the fourth sub-plane of all other Planes. So far so good. Not too much imagination is needed to understand it so far.

However, we now take a small jump in credibility. The Third Kingdom is the Kingdom of planets, and these beings function normally on the Fourth Plane of the Etheric but are subject to influences emanating from their equivalent Higher Selves on the Third Plane, and the third sub-plane of every other Plane. The Second Kingdom is the Kingdom of stars or suns, and these beings function normally on the Third Plane of Formulation, but are subject to influences emanating from their equivalent Higher Selves on the Second Plane, and the second sub-plane of every other Plane. Finally, we have those great beings who are beyond our comprehension and only just figure in our physical reality. These are the star systems, constellations and galaxies that cover our night skies, the exalted beings of the First Kingdom, and I cannot presume to understand the working at this level.

This leads us onto a very important point that is central to the understanding of the relationship of the constituent parts of the cosmos, which is that each seventh sub-division of the three aspects of the Absolute are closely related to every other sub-division of the same number in their own aspect or in either of the other aspects. This may appear complicated, but if all Rays, Planes, and Kingdoms are given a number from one to seven, as well as each sub-division, then each numbered part relates to all other parts with the same number, no matter where in the system it is situated. To give just one simple example, there is a close and definite relationship between the Seventh Ray, the seventh sub-division of all Rays, the Seventh Plane, the Seventh sub-division of all Planes, the Seventh Kingdom, and the Seventh sub-divisions of all Kingdoms. More specifically, the Seventh Ray attribute of 'earthing' is related to the Seventh Plane of the Physical and the Seventh Kingdom of minerals. This is an example of the truth behind the old occult maxim "as above, so below".

There is one more very important point we need to know before we can complete this picture of existence we are putting together. Between each level of awareness, each sub-division of each Ray and each sub-division of each Plane, there is a very real and definite barrier ~ physical reality as perceived through our physical senses cannot register any other reality. This point will need enlarging later, but always bear in mind this barrier does exist, and that in our normal physical state we have to remain completely unaware of realities outside of our own.

By putting all of this information together, we have a way of classifying and in part explaining life itself, and the relationship between it's many parts. If we can accept this system as a workable truth we will have a clearer understanding of many spiritual enigmas, and we are on the way to an intuitive knowledge of the true reality of the spiritual path. Intuitive knowledge is the next stage in Humanity's evolution, the use of the intuition as a natural conscious awareness. And along the way, the true occult workings behind astrology will become clearer, as well as it's limitations until science undertakes some serious research into the subject. Most importantly, we will learn to know ourselves much better, and how to apply this knowledge to attune ourselves to our true spiritual destiny.

It may seem to you that my explanations are admonishing the separateness of all things, when my real aim is to show their inter-connection. We all came from the Absolute, we are all part of the Absolute and eventually, and with our full awareness, we will knowingly become one again with the Absolute.

Also, let me make it clear at this early stage that I make no apologies for my unscientific approach to astrology and magic: I think it best to personify such concepts as Kingdoms, Elementals and Devas, otherwise we really will lose sight of the wholeness or holiness of the entire scheme. The fact is, there are beings or entities that are more evolved than Humanity in the cosmos, and if they are subject to only three ingredients of life, the life-force, consciousness and form, instead of the seven operative in our earthly existence, then how can we limit them to beings that just exist on the Physical Plane? We cannot, so we must open our minds to the possibility of the existence of intelligent forces and energies with self-awareness, and of forms we are unable to recognise through our limited sensory apparatus. Such highly evolved entities can rightly be personified, else we might forget they are life forms and consider them as mere forces of nature.

Ancient man understood this well, as his awareness was more developed in that area although lacking in what we call objective intelligence. So to aid our understanding of the Seven Rays it is easier to imagine them as mere divisions of any reality, but we should never forget that such divisions as they manifest on Earth are still principles of the Absolute, and ultimately are close descendants of the beings known in Sanskrit literature as the Seven Rishis, who actually embody the Absolute's Divine Principles.

Bearing this in mind, try to appreciate this. Relative to us on Earth now, Humans are of the Absolute's Second Aspect ~ as we are creatures of consciousness; we are also of the Fourth Kingdom; we are the Third Aspect in relation to the planet Earth, where Shamballa is the First and the Hierarchy the Second; and although we exist predominantly on the Seventh Physical Plane, we naturally feel through our connection to the Sixth Plane of the Astral, and think through our connection with the Fifth Mental Plane. And we can still belong to any one of the Seven Rays!

The Seven Rays are the various facets of the Absolute's manifestation beginning their emanation as His totally abstract Principles, and in the course of their descent through the levels of existence which are of their making they become clothed in the substance of each level. They are consequently the highest representation of the Absolute's Principles to be found on each level, and act in their sevenfold manner to motivate their outer clothing in the direction laid down by the Absolute. Their reason for existence is solely to see that His Divine Principles operate everywhere in the cosmos in a way that is suitable for each situation. Consequently we see a sevenfold division in all things around us, and know that there is a correspondence between all things of the same principle or Ray, although this similarity can be difficult to appreciate.

Therefore, the Seven Rays, being of the same essence and coming from a common origin as the Seven Planes, relate directly to every form of natural manifestation, including individual Humans.

From the above statement we can see that the highest functioning part of each individual person, the soul or Higher Self, cannot be defined by a single set of qualities, as there are seven basic types of spirituality that relate specifically to the Seven Rays. The vast number of religions and philosophies that preach just one way to spiritual salvation are apparently ignorant of this fact, and so can be misleading up to six sevenths of their followers!

On even higher levels, a person's Monad flows from the Absolute through one of the three great Primaries, which are the basic triple manifestation of life, and which relate directly to the first three Rays. I will not concern us with this part of the scheme, as when man is ready to recognise the reality of his Monadic existence he will have no further role to play in life on Earth. Therefore, we will be aware of this distinction while for simplicity's sake I won't keep referring to it.

Each one of us belongs fundamentally to just one Ray, and this is the channel through which our Monadic essence of divinity flows from the infinity of the Absolute to the finite of the physical existence we experience through the medium of the soul or Higher Self. In addition, we have extra qualities of other Rays in our beings, and these 'foreign' Ray qualities give us our individual character. However to try and determine the predominant Ray in a person's physical, astral and mental bodies leads only to further confusion, and astrology already does a satisfactory job in evaluating such differences through the application of the zodiac signs. In this book, I am only concerned with the important task of explaining the relevance of the Seven Rays as they affect the individual through their Higher Self.

Before we discuss how the Rays manifest on Earth, we first have to understand them as Principles of the Absolute.

"The Absolute, at the inception of His plan, expressed three principles that lay behind all aspects of His creation. In the beginning, He Willed His Desire to Manifest His plan in the cosmos."

Thus His first three Principles were His Will, His Desire and His Manifestation, or Formulation. His next act was more precise.

"He Willed His Desire to Manifest His Plan Everywhere and to adhere to the Truth of His Ideals which would be mirrored in seemingly Independent Manifestation."

These Principles thus became the cause underlying all manifestation, and in varying proportions exist today as the true keys to life and the solution of it's problems.

His "Will" represents the First Ray, the original impetus behind all creation; His "Desire" is the Second Ray relationship between Himself and the finite existence of His creation ~ the original duality; and His "Manifestation" is the Third Ray act of formulating His creation into any kind of tangible reality. The manifestation is then defined more precisely with the four Secondary Rays. "Everywhere" is the Fourth Ray concept of a finite and atmospheric union that locates and links together the various aspects of His plan; the Fifth Ray idea of "Truth" gives a set system of standards based on the Absolute Himself; and He is the true and therefore divine "Ideal" as the Sixth Ray conception has it, which gives His manifestation the urge to become perfect just as He is; and to become a reality of self-sufficient form in the world of "Manifestation" through the Seventh Ray, with the added capacity to remain relatively "Independent" from it's environment, as well as from it's Creator.

Coming back to earth, a person's Ray relates to his Higher Self as only the soul with it's relatively infinite existence is pure enough to embody the true essence of any of the Absolute's qualities. Consequently a Human being remains on the same Ray throughout his cycle of lives and existences, and the only awareness he has of this Higher Self at this present stage of his evolution comes from what he can bring down through the higher levels. Such awareness is therefore subjected to the influence of each of these levels that condition them; making the final image he receives of his Higher Self and it's natural Ray qualities distorted and unreliable. For this reason, an accurate assessment of a person's soul Ray is very difficult indeed.

I will now tell the same story of creation, seen from a different perspective. The Absolute created a mirror image of Himself and this gave Him consciousness, the energy released by the objective reaction He had with His creation. He then went a stage further and gave His creation the ability to create, so that He could experience the act of creation itself. The creation recreated in His own image again, and this caused a different range of consciousness between His creation and it's own image. This consciousness became our Seven Rays.

Therefore the Kingdoms are the creation from the Absolute down, and if the image conforms to the archetype of His own image, He imbues it with His archetypal life-force that is His First Aspect. The image, His Third Aspect, then reacts with it's original idea and produces the consciousness or Second Aspect. Furthermore, every creation is composed of this same threefold aspect and has the inherent capability to recreate itself through the correct utilisation of it's own creative energy. The combination of Human consciousness and Devic form in all of us has the ability to recreate on all Planes that can be spanned by the internal consciousness. This point is covered in more detail elsewhere in the book, but it's inherent obscurity requires it's insertion at this point.

These initial concepts are very important, so I will go over some of this preliminary groundwork again before relating the theories to a practical application in astrology and general spiritual development. The Absolute has three Aspects, commonly called His Will, Love and Active Intelligence; I prefer to call them at this point His Divine Intent, His Consciousness and His Form. These three Aspects manifest Themselves in our physical awareness as star systems or galaxies, individual stars or suns, and planets that orbit our sun and numerous other suns beyond our sensory awareness. These relate to the Lords of Flame or His First Aspect, the Lords of Mind or His Second Aspect and the Lords of Form or His Third Aspect. In the present context a more relevant classification is the Gods or Elemental rulers are His First Aspect of Divine Intent; Humans are His Second Aspect of Consciousness; and Devas are His Third Aspect of Form.

Now each of these three Aspects divides into seven definite parts to maximise their role in the workings of the Absolute's Plan or Great Work. Thus we have seven major star systems relating to seven major god-forms or archetypes, seven major stars related to the seven Ray types of Humans, and seven major planets relating to seven Planes of Devic manifestation. Every one of these seventh divisions is composed of a triple status; again relating to the Absolute's three Aspects, and this is the divine Triplicity we see as the three Primary Rays, manifesting as the triune godhead. So each seventh division always has three aspects, and this has given rise to the special relevance in occult terms of the number twenty-one. This is the Divine Plan put as simply as possible. The importance here is to establish a system of knowledge classification, so we can more easily see how as Human beings we can relate to the cosmos that is within our comprehension. Anything that is beyond our comprehension cannot possibly concern us here because I am trying to simplify rather than complicate the knowledge that is already available before going onto entirely new ground.

The Gods of the first life-stream are potentially pure subjective beings, primary life energy. The Humans of the second life-stream are potentially pure light, the perception of subject by object but in two dimensions, where no motion is involved. The Devas of the third life-stream are potentially pure sound or geometrical shape, one being a simile of the other in this instance, which is the perception of subject in motion by object through the course of time, therefore involving the third dimension.

One important point, which cannot be proved but remains a fundamental truth: the relevance of the number seven. As Madam Blavatsky states emphatically in her Secret Doctrine, the sevenfold division, whether true in cosmic terms or not, is the nearest we can get to an understandable system of the higher truths of the Ancient Wisdom. The easiest way to appreciate this is to think of three abstract symbols, such as the letters of the alphabet, A, B & C. These could stand for the basic three principles of life, the positive male, the negative female, and their hermaphrodite offspring. Now in how many equal ways will these three symbols mix? The answer is four, A + B; A + C; B + C; and A + B + C. This produces a total of seven, the first three Primaries or Rays, plus the other four Secondary Rays.

Everything we can see around us that is divisible by seven must relate to it's counterpart on higher levels. From this we can work out some way of understanding not only astral forms, but also the highest three Planes above normal manifestation, because these highest Planes will be mirrored somewhere on the Physical Plane. Using the various states of matter as an example, let us look again at the esoteric division of the Physical Plane. Matter exists from the lowest and most dense state of solidity, through liquid, gas, electromagnetic energy ~ these four equating with the Earth, Water, Air and Fire elements of old ~ to molecular structure, atomic composition and sub-atomic particles, giving a natural division into seven. In older books, the highest level was assigned to the atom, as atoms were then the smallest known division of solid matter. We now have quarks and various other strangely named and strange acting particles that can be registered on physical instruments, so must exist on the Physical Plane. Incidentally, it is impossible to record or in any way determine the existence of astral 'matter' with physical scientific instruments ~ as I said earlier there are distinct barriers between each layer of existence that cannot be broached without further scientific discovery involving the knowledge of other dimensions. However, it is possible to record the result of astral matter that in some way affects our physical reality.

To finish this initial look at the seven divisions of the Physical Plane I would like to look at the top three divisions. The third division is molecular and three dimensional but it is also geometrical relationships that manifest through the medium of sound. In particular I am thinking of the resonance effect when two identically tuned strings will 'play' the same musical note when just one is plucked, and the effect of sand particles on a taut skin which form into regular geometric shapes when subjected to musical notes, which is known as the Chladni effect. These effects are examples of angles in action, as the Third Plane is the level of angles. They demonstrate how angles organise matter, or rather how matter organises itself in the form dictated by the background planning effect of angles ~ more on angles soon.

The second atomic sub-plane is two-dimensional: atoms are organised into straight lines through the medium of light. Matter itself cannot travel faster than light and retain the properties of matter; in fact, it loses these properties once it reaches the speed of light. From an esoteric viewpoint, light is matter travelling at it's ultimate speed, and anything that travels faster becomes dark matter.

The highest division of the Physical Plane is the sub-atomic, and is of only one dimension, because it is the constituent parts of an atom, and the power or energy that binds all substance or matter into any form of coherence on an atomic level. It is also the nuclear power unleashed when an atom is split, and explodes it's pure life-force energy that we recognise as atomic energy.

We have seen that the Seven Rays are divided up into three Primary Rays and four Secondary Rays. At this point, I think we are ready to offer a table of correspondences between Rays and Planes, with some brief definitions, see Table A

This table is necessarily brief at this stage, but should not require too much explanation. In brackets I have given the ancients' elements for the lower four Planes, also in brackets are the divisions of the Physical Plane as postulated earlier. Sub-atomic is the First Ray energy of pure power as in an atomic explosion, God's Will (or Wrath!); atomic is the positive/ negative attraction between all components of matter to join together as in God's Love; molecular is the organisation and grouping of atoms to form the building blocks of physical matter; electrical may not appear to be a good simile, but if you consider that all matter holds some form of electrical charge which only manifests when applied with the correct connection then this will serve adequately as an example; and the last three are self-explanatory.

Let me enlarge the description of the Fourth Ray here, as this is most likely to confuse. This Ray is directly related to the ether, or Etheric Plane. It's definition is 'links', and another valid description would be 'bridges'. It is the Ray or Plane that joins all other Rays and Planes; it is the vital body, the etheric web, the transmitter of energies that sustains life in all it's forms. And although, or you could say because, it is central rather than at the top of the tree, it is the gateway to all other levels, Planes and Rays. So you can see for the ancients no better symbol could be had than fire, that elusive energy of primitive magic, because they knew the soul had to be purified by fire before passing up to higher levels of awareness.

(Diagram 2)

There is one important point I would like to clear up here while we are on the subject of the Fourth Ray and it's counterpart the Fourth Plane. The system of Planes and sub-planes calls the fourth level the etheric. Now the Human form is composed of all the seven sub-planes of the Physical, but it also has higher forms, called bodies in occult terminology. These interact with the normal physical Human being through the medium of the Physical sub-planes, but always via the fourth or etheric sub-plane because of this natural ability of linking. For example, we experience emotions through our astral body which exists on the Astral Plane, but they affect us directly through the etheric sub-plane of the Physical. And when we get a glimpse of intuition, which we experience through our etheric body that exists on the Etheric Plane, again we are affected by these glimpses directly through the etheric sub-plane of the Physical. Although this is quite simple to understand, in the past much confusion has arisen because the etheric body as well as the Etheric Plane have been freely substituted with the etheric sub-plane of the Physical. These are important facts that must be clarified before we study an individual's relationship with their environment, as shown by the Seven Rays and astrology.

From an inspection of Table A it should be clear that the individual Human being can be considered as divisible by seven in his make-up of solids, liquids, gases, electrical potential, molecules or angles, atoms or consciousness and sub-atomic particles or life-force. We have come a long way in our understanding already, so let us proceed even further and stretch our credibility some more. The Human species is also divided naturally into seven distinct parts ~ and I do not mean races ~ but into seven different entities. In other words, there are seven completely different types of individual souls incarnate in Human form, each with it's own different spiritual and evolutionary path. Although we are all beings of consciousness and ultimately will all arrive at the same evolutionary goal ~ although there is no actual goal, only a path to even greater spiritual attainment ~ we are on one of seven distinct paths to this goal.

I am not preaching separateness here, although superficially it may seem that way. We are all part of God, we are all joined in Him, but once we realise that my way of spiritual advancement is not necessarily your way then perhaps we can learn to live with this knowledge and stop preaching that the only way to God is through joining this church, sect or system. Just as our earthly bodies have different likes and dislikes, so too do our spiritual 'bodies'. Each person's reincarnating spirit is of one Ray only, and the spiritual path for a First Ray soul is not the same as the spiritual path for a Second Ray soul.

The only system that has attempted to keep this truth alive for centuries is yoga. The ancient yogi masters established different schools of yoga so that an aspirant could choose the one most suitable to his individual spiritual leanings, or his true Ray type. The system has not been without change over the centuries but it would appear that the correspondences listed in Table B were those originally conceived with this intention.

(Table B)

We now have a symbolic map of all existence. It consists of seven Planes of energy or matter, each sub-divided again into seven making forty-nine in total, ranging from the finest at the top to the densest at the bottom. Each one of these Planes is related to one of the Seven Rays as well as to all other sub-planes bearing the same number. With this in mind, we can see in more detail how Humans fit into the scheme.

Each person is composed of three parts, their spirit or Monad, their soul or Higher Self and their Personality or lower self. Our Monad is totally unknowable at our present stage of development, but we must recognise it's existence. If we functioned at that level we would no longer have need to experience Human physical existence. This is indeed our eventual goal. Next we have our soul, which functions on a level still higher than we can at present conceive, but is within the limits of our understanding. This is our Higher Self, and we are at the point on our evolutionary scale where we are slowly becoming aware of the existence of this higher part of ourselves. Finally, there is our Personality. This is the "I" of our everyday lives, in fact it is a whole group of "I"s struggling for supremacy over each other in a bid to take over our moments of awareness. The sum total of what we are, our own personal reality, this is our Personality or lower self.

Each of these three aspects of a Human in his potentially divine state is related to the three Primaries, or three Primary Rays of Will, Love and Form. Every time we come across another example and I give you a further idea of how the whole fits into the grand scheme, look at it from the greater viewpoint downwards and try to grasp the idea from the intuition. Some higher points of cosmological significance may appear to be irrelevant, but they do serve a function. Your mind must ever broaden upwards, and be open to concepts involving greater wholes. This will give you a better appreciation of the relationship we all have with the cosmos, and how it ultimately affects us all here and now.

Man as a reflection of the Absolute is formed of the trinity of Monad, Higher Self and Personality. The spirit of man or his Monad is again threefold in nature consisting of the three Primary Rays, Will, Love and Form, or alternatively Positive Energy, Negative Energy and Balanced Energy. The Monad comes into existence on the highest cosmic Plane possible, but following on from our definitions we know this can't be the First Plane as only God the Absolute can exist there. So man's highest aspect ~ his Monad ~ exists on the Second Plane of the cosmos. As we know the highest aspect of the Second Ray, or in this case the Second Plane, is pure love/consciousness, we can see why so much stress has been given in religious works to the idea of love.

The First Ray of Will then relates to the spirit, the Monad, the Divine Spark and God the Father; the Second Ray of Love relates to the soul, the Higher Self, Christ the Son; and the Third Ray of Form relates to the Personality, the Body of God, the Holy Spirit or Divine Mother.

What is Will? It is the unknowable, unmanifest urge behind creation. The Will to Be. What is Love? It is the unknowable opposite to the Divine Will, Pure Consciousness as attractive spiritual energy, the first degree of manifestation that is all pervading throughout the Absolute's kingdom, the void that is only of existence because even nothing is something, the Will to Become.

What is Form? The actual realisation that His Will has found substance in which to manifest His Love, the Will to Become That. So Will can only be defined by saying it is the initialising urge 'to be' before it becomes an urge. Such oblique definitions are all that we can use to try to grasp an understanding of these obscure concepts. Love in this context is the negative void which reacts with the positive Will in becoming; pure conscious energy that is formless and does not require form ~ merely to be is enough. And Form is when manifestation first becomes, it still does not equate with form as we generally recognise it, but it is the idea of form, the idea that will become form through the four Secondary Rays.

The Monad is pure spirit but is still divisible by three. At this level a Human being's spirit can be of any the three Primaries. At this level, the Seven Rays do not exist except as the three, and all individual Monads are of the First, Second or Third Ray. Again this is oversimplifying the situation, but it will be adequate in our present discussion. This division into three is always operative up to the highest levels to which Humans can aspire. It matters not what takes place above it, for now at least. However on the level on which the Higher Self exists, the soul is divisible by seven: this is where we say an individual is of one of the Seven Rays. It is their Higher Self that is on the Second, Fourth or another Ray. So it follows that for a person to exhibit Ray qualities, he or she has to be inwardly aware to a certain degree of the qualities of their soul. The average person who is unaware at this level does not possess Ray qualities, as the Personality is subject to twelve divisions, relating to the signs of the zodiac.

Astrology is the all encompassing philosophy that explains the truths behind Human existence in many diverse ways: the horoscope as a mandala includes the original seven planets of the ancient world, the twelve zodiac signs, the four elements, the three qualities, the heroic myths and the sacred geometry. It also leads on to various sub-branches such as magic, alchemy, Tao, music, colours and numbers. However, the real essence of astrology when applied as a science, as one day it will be, will not be through the planets and the zodiac signs but through their ever-changing relationship.

To quote from an excellent booklet by Manly Palmer Hall, The Philosophy Of Astrology:

"Pythagoras sounded the keynotes of the aspects when he declared that divine energies flowed not through planets directly but through the interval between them. Aspects are intervals."

This is the fundamental truth behind the connection of the Rays with astrology. Although the planetary and zodiacal energy we feel on Earth is derived from the Seven Rays, the true Ray influences we are affected by are those that manifest through the aspects between planets and the personal points in the zodiac. These are higher manifestations of angles, and influence Humanity through harmonic resonance; in other words, man's angles change their rate of vibration in response to their higher counterparts, the aspect angles. This is the key to incorporating a knowledge of Rays into astrology.

To begin a description of angles is very hard because if I start to say they are like this or that you may begin to associate them with your own preconceptions that will lead you to wrong conclusions. But just as we have progressed the idea of the Seven Rays from the sevenfold manifestation of the Absolute, through concepts of time and space that are at the limit of our imagination, and seen how they eventually relate to our physical world and the atoms that compose matter through the concept of the Seven Planes, so too must we get an overall picture of angles.

Angles are the subjective relationship between two or more objective realities, and the Seven Rays are the seven natural and precise divisions between the various states of any one single reality. I may slightly alter these definitions as we proceed, but as we study these ideas in more depth it should become obvious that astrology is the science or art of relationships ~ whether personal or cosmic ~ and so inevitably Rays and angles are intimately connected with it.

Every variety of manifestation on our planet owes it's origins to angles through their intimate connection with form. Angles do not have even an abstract form of their own, only a symbolic form in the sense of an idea. It is through their necessary ingredient of form that they are connected with the Third Ray of the Absolute. They are symbolically assigned two of their own attributions, intention and substance. Intention is the product of the First life-stream of the Absolute, the Lords of Flame or the archetypal Elementary lives. Substance is the product of the Third life-stream of the Absolute, the Lords of Form or the Devas, who are also responsible for the construction of angles, using the medium of the archetypal Elementals as co-operative ingredients. This why the Devas are known as the 'builders of the universe'. However, angles are not form and only become so when the third ingredient is added, which is conscious energy or love. This is the attractive and creative force in the universe that stimulates angles into producing form on the lower four Planes of manifestation. This joins with the two attributes of angles making a temporary, non-evolving life form, which then lives out it's natural life span until consciousness ceases to be applied, and the life form returns to being a mere angle.

We have seen that angles have a definite connection with the Devic evolution, which is the life-stream operating on the Absolute's Third Primary, just as the Human evolution is operative on the Absolute's Second Primary. The evolutionary goal for Devas is to manifest the Absolute's Plan in the most ideal form, whereas the evolutionary goal for Humans is to have complete conscious awareness of the Absolute's Plan, so that through a perfect combination of both the Absolute can experience the ultimate beingness of His Creation. Angles have both substance, which is created by the Devas, and intent which is already in existence being the Absolute's Plan itself, the Will of God, and therefore of the First Primary ~ the archetypal impulse. So an angle is given substance in the 'mind' of a Devic being, in accord with the intent that already exists, and the angle then only requires the consciousness aspect as applied by the Human as an agent of the Second Primary to create form.

The archetypal Will of the Absolute on the First Plane, His First Primary, is transformed into the necessary angles on the Third Plane, His Third Primary, which are then consciously experienced on the Second Plane, His Second Primary, and so manifestation is conceived through the angular structure of the etheric Fourth Plane, down through the lower three Planes of Air, Water and Earth. Putting it another way, the Planes are composed of energy fields that are the basic state of the First Primary. The Devic evolution, of the Third Primary uses these energy fields to set up angles, which are utilised by the Second Primary of consciousness to produce manifestation through the medium of the lower four Rays of Attribute. This is the simplified overview of creation employing the new concept of angles. In fact, in this paragraph you have a neat summary of the practicalities of the Ancient Wisdom that can only be understood now you have some idea of angles and the mutual co-operation between the Human and Devic life-streams. It also shows the relevance of the Seven Rays, the Seven Planes and the Seven Kingdoms. Once this is understood, we can move on to the more detailed approach of relating this overall scheme to the mechanics of astrology.

What we are examining here is the concept of angles and how they fit into the whole scheme, but ultimately our true task must be to show Humanity's intimate connection to angles, and that spiritual development is concerned with rendering a greater area of our dormant unconscious selves open to conscious experience. This will lead us on to an assessment of several methods of opening the links or channels between our various unconscious states, whether these are classified as superconscious or subconscious, and a natural prerequisite of this must be to determine exactly what these links are.

So angles, while being a Third Ray concept, affect a Human being through the Fourth Ray and fourth sub-planes of the Etheric, linking man to his natural life environment. Angles have an intimate relationship with man through the third and fourth sub-planes of the Physical, via his health aura, which to use Theosophical terminology, is called man's etheric sheath or vital body. One way of picturing the etheric sheath is as scaffolding for the physical form, or as a spider's web holding the structure together, which is how it appears clairvoyantly. Each thread of the web acts as a channel that transports life-force in the form of prana or chi down from the higher sub-planes and Planes through the etheric system. This must not be thought of as like electrical current travelling through wires, it is transmitted in a way we do not understand scientifically yet, but is more like vibrating strings resonating in sympathy with each other. The main etheric channels are paralleled in the physical body by the nerves, and where the etheric channels form a condensed criss-cross that denotes an area of great activity, in the body this has a correspondence to a plexus. The etheric nucleus is known as a chakra and the physical plexus it relates to is an endocrine gland, and the macrocosmic equivalent would be a planet at the point of a nucleus of Ray energy. The etheric sheath is often incorrectly referred to as the subconscious body, because it exerts a control over man's life systems without him being consciously aware of the process.

For a person to be in good health, the glandular system must be perfectly balanced, because there is an influential correspondence between this and the etheric system, and an imbalance in one causes an equal upset in the other. Clairvoyantly it is possible to tell a person's health by an inspection of the chakras, and where any imbalance occurs the particular chakra concerned will show a marked difference to the others, either in colour or size. To those unfamiliar with the yoga term chakra, it's literal meaning is 'wheel'. Each of the seven major chakras, and numerous minor chakras, act in a higher realm like a fly-wheel, creating a vortex that attracts energies from various Planes above the Physical, and after adding it's own individual influence it redistributes them. It can also attract influences from lower Planes and sub-planes, and transmute them or become contaminated by them resulting in an illness or disability. Although chakras are not recognised by science, their function as a necessary link to higher levels of existence is instrumental in the establishment of true healing involving the cure of the root cause - which is hardly ever a product of the Physical Plane.

These lines of the spider's web are one representation of angles. They form connections between every part of a Human being, because they form the blue-print of his identity, of his essence and of his potentialities. Every aspect of Human existence depends on one of these lines or angles making a connection to the rest of his form. They are his attributes, his likes, his manners, his dreams, his experiences, his abilities, his senses, his intelligence, his thoughts, his emotions, his pride, his character, his love, his compassion, his health and his energy, his essence of life itself. Absolutely everything concerning man, even before he is born and after his death, is dependent on angles.

Returning to this concept of a spider's web to describe the Human etheric angular structure, we can see that each of these angular channels connect man's variety of facets not only to a central point, but also to each other. But just as we say these channels are angular in origin and function, we must not say that this is the only representation of angles in man's natural environment. Every manifestation on our planet owes it's origins to angles through their intimate connection with form.

Angles do not have any kind of form of their own, even in the most abstract sense, but should be thought of more as potentialities of form after a definite archetypal pattern. As the necessary ingredient of form they are connected with the Third Primary of the Absolute and the Third Plane, although angles can exist in conjunction with manifestation on all Planes and sub-planes from the cosmic Third Plane down, which is the highest level on which form of any kind can exist. In addition, angles always consist of the energies or substance peculiar to the Plane or sub-plane on which they exist, although they can also form connections between adjacent Planes.

The danger in such a description is that we might think of them as being linear when in fact they are multidimensional: they exist through different spatial and time dimensions, and also connect with completely incomprehensible areas that can only be described as parallel existences. We know very little about the seemingly boundless abstract limitations of form, but through angles we are potentially linked to every dimension, area and space/time continuum that exists in the cosmos. So although angles do not have any form of their own, their existence is real and not symbolic, because what they represent is not possible to describe in any other way. This is why their concept is so important.

Angles have substance and intention, and when they act to create a specific manifestation, they assume a triplicate nature by acquiring a third ingredient, consciousness. This triple existence is actually the triple existence of every sub-plane and Plane that exists through the cosmos. I have already said that just as everything is divided into seven, from the Absolute's Principles manifesting as the Seven Rays to the seven states of matter, so also are each of these states divisible by three, but in different dimensions. Whatever form an angle can be thought of as possessing, is the actual form of the sub-plane on which it finds itself. This is because the Devic builder responds to a divine idea, which is a 'keyed down' version of the Absolute's Divine Will as it manifests through His Plan, and this intention works through a particular sub-plane that corresponds to the most suitable form or substance for this idea; and when the circumstances surrounding the manifestation become ideal the Deva is bound to create the angle out of the Elemental life of this sub-plane.

Another way of illustrating angles is to see them as the fabric of consciousness: as the framework through which we have conscious experience. Therefore, angles are the subjective awareness as well as the subjective relationship between two objective realities. If their three ingredients are in balance, their intention, substance and consciousness, an angular life is created. Using the example of an angle formed between the observer and the object under observation, this explains the Japanese concepts of martial arts and painting, where the object exerts an equal influence onto the subject or artist as the latter does on the object or painting. It also explains the freshness of seeing or experiencing something for the first time, because this either involves using an unfamiliar angle, or using an angle in an unfamiliar way. In addition, it offers an explanation as to why certain objects, such as those that are considered sacred, or works of art in general, have an atmosphere of their own. It is simply because they have been admired and venerated by many different people, so that the 'perceiving angle' they have built up becomes stronger than that used by the Human in the act of perception.

Ancient tradition recognised the existence of angles but chose either to personify them, or call them specific names depending on which of their numerous functions was being described. A few examples are the aka threads of the Huna religion which originated in Hawaii; the concept of the spider's web in North European mythology; the system of meridians that distribute chi energy through the body, as demonstrated in acupuncture and other branches of Chinese medicine; the channels or tubes called nadis in the Indian tradition of yoga; plus the 'elementals' of medieval magic. I have already tried to show the difference between the idea of Elementals and Devas, the first being of the First Primary or life-stream, the second being of the Third Primary or life-stream. I have also described how Devas are responsible for the creation of angles out of the substance of each Plane, so in a loose way we can say Devas have control over Elementals. These ideas have considerable relevance to astrology, magic, and other branches of occultism.

Angles are of the Third Ray and are the background to form. When activated into becoming temporary life forms, angles become subject to the rules of life and assume a threefold existence of life-force, consciousness and form. They have intention as their First Ray attribute of life; they have consciousness as their Second Ray attribute of life; and they have substance as their Third Ray attribute of life, which is the form of their interconnecting relationship. From a proper study and application of the laws surrounding the life of angles, we can discover many clues to the secrets of the universe, scientific as well as occult. They help to explain sacred sites, radioactivity, Kirlian photography, dowsing, ghosts, gravity, and particularly astrology and magic. But most important of all, through a study of angles we can learn more about the correct workings of man ~ the divine animal: how man only exists in the earthly plane through angles, how they keep him alive through a holistic relationship with all other earthly life, and how to his detriment they tether him to this lowly existence.

To summarise, we have seen that angles consist of substance and intent, and are related respectively to the Third and First Aspects of the Absolute; they are built by the Devic evolution out of the form of each Plane in which they exist in co-operation with the Elementals, and they can only function in our reality when consciousness, the Absolute's Second Aspect, is applied to them by the Human evolution. When angles become thus activated, they become temporary life forms.

So angles exist initially on the Third Plane and the third sub-planes of all lower Planes, but they operate through the medium of the Fourth Ray and Plane and the fourth etheric sub-planes of each Plane from the Physical up to the Third Plane. The Third Plane is their own Plane, where they are created by the Devas in a form to be used as angles through the medium of the Fourth Plane. However in themselves they are not a kingdom or a life-stream, and so do not evolve ~ because evolution is a necessary function of each life-stream ~ but work through another life-stream called the Devas.

Basic angles are mere two-dimensional potentialities consisting of only substance and intention rather than life forms of any kind, but with Human intervention, and the application of consciousness, they become 'alive', and exist as an independent life form with a singular life purpose. It is only when Humans apply consciousness to angles that they can take on an existence of their own, and Human consciousness becomes their Second Ray aspect.

This is seeing life from an angle's point of view. An angle is essentially Devic in this context and the embodiment of a singular objective, as opposed to a Human's multifarious life objectives. The sum total of a person's angles, that have been imbued with consciousness and therefore brought to life, could be seen as a Devic being whose quest is for complete submersion into form. As such he could be viewed as the devil of the flesh, the form that is always trying to take control and satisfy the needs of it's form rather than the needs of our consciousness, but in fact it would be more correct to see him as our personal guardian and provider, our Holy Guardian Angel. He is the Devic life who exists through the sum total of all the awareness that is linked to our angles, but this devil of conventional religions actually exists to sustain the balance between form and consciousness. If he were continually trying to drag us down into form to get more physical at the expense of our spirituality, this would be counter-productive and definitely not part of the Divine Plan of the Absolute. As we have seen, it is the role of the Devic evolution to act through our angular form or Personality to balance us, the Christ beings of consciousness, with the life-force of God's Will and keep each aspect in equal balance to sustain a healthy life vehicle.

The concept of the Fall of Man might just be telling us that we identify to our detriment with our Third Aspect, the form of our body, instead of with our consciousness or Second Aspect. But that is our fault, and no blame can be attached to the Devas. Our higher chakras or centres must be revitalised, but this involves moving the energy of our consciousness to these centres and away from our lower centres. To change our consciousness is to change our active centres. This gives us the initial strength and impetus to begin the process of becoming aware of our dormant angles, and to start utilising their higher manifestations in preference to relying solely on those that are restricting our development.

By changing our consciousness, by becoming aware of the higher realities which surround our everyday awareness, and thereby improving the quality of consciousness, we can minimise the effect of our lower centres and maximise the effects of our higher ones. We should always be aware that our Personality, which is composed solely of angles, is not the real us. We are our consciousness in it's most exalted state, not the awareness that needs angles along which to travel. Human consciousness is above the limitations of the angular structure of our lower bodies. Remove all of our angles and we would cease to exist on the Physical Plane, we would die. But to remove the superfluous angles, and leaving just those we require to function as a perfect vehicle for our consciousness ~ this should become our ultimate objective.

Humanity exists as a product of the Second Primary, we are creatures of consciousness, but Humanity as we know it is the Fourth Kingdom and finds it's true expression at this point of it's evolutionary path on the Fourth Plane of the Etheric, through the medium of the Fifth Plane of the Mind, even though individual Humans function in real life on the Seventh Plane of the Physical. This is where it does get very complicated I know, but bear in mind what I said earlier, that the Primary Rays work through particular Secondary Rays. We are consciously aware on the fifth sub-plane of the Physical, the mental sub-plane, and this is an example of the Second Primary working through the Fifth Ray. There is no easier way to demonstrate these ideas, but they are important and necessary to explain here the difference between the Human and Devic evolutions.

A parallel kingdom exists which is Third Ray; it finds it's true expression in the formulating Third Plane, yet it functions in it's own version of 'real life' on the Fourth Plane of the Etheric. This is the Devic Kingdom, which is related to the plant world and vegetable kingdom through the idea of nature spirits, but this idea, although true, gives a limited appreciation of the vast scope of their influence. They are indeed the 'tenders of nature' on our planet, but this is only a tiny part of their role. They are also of the planetary system itself; in their Third Ray function they are the ecosystem, the body, soul and spirit of the planet, this planet and all planets. And just as life on this planet, and on others yet to be discovered, is totally dependent on the planet, consists of material or the matter of the planet, and lives by and through the potentialities of the planet, then this is their Third Ray function as the essential ingredient of form. If planets are living beings, which they are, then the generic name of these beings is Devic. And the action and reaction between the planet and the lives it supports and that in turn support it, is due to the realisation of angles. Because although angles may appear to be symbolic, what they represent is a concrete reality, and one that cannot be explained without resorting to symbols.

Individual Humans also owe their existence to the Devas and to angles. The Lords of Karma, highly evolved Devic beings associated with the planets of our solar system, are responsible for the fashioning of our angles before birth, including those higher parts of our beings in the higher Planes. The individuality of each person is based on the interpretation of the karmic necessity earned in previous existences, which determines the structure of the angles to be used. So the angles responsible for our existence are karmic in origin, and are only determined by what we have accomplished in previous lives.

When we eventually reach the limits of our existence and stand on the threshold of Monadic consciousness, we are freed from the influence of our angles as they do not exist above this level; by then we will have reached the Third Plane and the uppermost limit of angular existence. Above this level, we will become beings of pure consciousness and new structuring will come into play, but contemplation on this is beyond our present discussion.

If angles are responsible for certain conditions and circumstances in life through karma, as well as all manifestation existing on five Planes ~ some of which appear definitely to us as formless ~ doesn't this seem contradictory to our earlier definitions of angles? No, it does not. All these things are part of, or work through, the Third Ray of Form if we consider form in it's highest aspect ~ as a finite manifestation of the Absolute. Even energy, generally accepted to be the opposite to matter, must be considered as a manifestation of His creation.

Looking at it another way, matter exists on the lower Planes in forms that we can sense, through touch or sight for example. But if matter is raised to a higher vibration it's form will change until it eventually becomes energy, and the higher it's rate of vibration the finer it becomes until it reaches the ultimate manifestation as light. So we can see that matter exists in the lower four Planes as related to the sub-planes of the Physical, but when it reaches the Third Plane it ceases to have any physical equivalent and becomes a mere relationship of form, an idea we can only understand as a geometrical shape; and the next stage, which is equivalent to the second sub-plane relating to consciousness, it becomes light, and has the added quality of being able to exist without the limitation of angles ~ from a three dimensional form to a two dimensional beam of energy. And the ultimate manifestation of the first aspect, of energy transformed into the concept of matter/energy existing in a single dimension, is the idea of a nuclear explosion.

To put this simply, we can say that every single thing that exists objectively, and therefore in a state of duality, owes it's existence to angles. The two apparent exceptions are will and consciousness, apparent because as concepts they have duality but in reality they do not, and these two things are closely related to light and atomic energy.

The first of these, will, is related to the First Ray and is simply the Absolute's Divine Incentive 'to be', the idea behind consciousness or manifestation, before it reaches either of these states. An alternative description could be the potential realisation of divine purpose.

The second exception, consciousness, is related to the Second Ray, and cannot be separated from our concept of duality only because of the limitations of our language and it's inadequate description of this intangible reality. In order to overcome this difficulty of definition, I will add one attribute to my description of form as applied to the Third Ray idea of angles. Angular form exists along with it's counterparts on higher levels through being objectively of a dual state, and also because of it's necessity to have a concrete reason for this existence. When such a reason outgrows its worth, then it's existence will cease and it's angles dissolve.

On the other hand, consciousness and other high attributes of the Second Ray, because we must not think of consciousness as being it's only attribute, Love and Wisdom figure equally here too but it has just been easier up to this point to use the concept of consciousness to clarify our definitions of Rays and angles, all of these higher things exist eternally, whereas form has life experience and therefore also death experience. This is because form can only exist in the finiteness of time. Second Ray attributes require no reason for their existence except to add to the Absolute's experience and eventually regain inclusion in a new 'awakened' condition with the Absolute.

By accepting this idea we have proof that life is eternal, and does not end with physical death: as the part of our being we know as our real self is our consciousness, which is not dependent on the angular form of our body. So, when physical realm angles disperse at death, this consciousness must continue. This is indeed what happens, and the consciousness then exists quite naturally in the individual angles on the Astral, Mental and Etheric Planes, until these angles also disperse, leaving our consciousness absolutely free from all restrictive angles.

This is of course an oversimplification, but to continue while bearing this in mind we can say that after a person has died, their divine essence is held in abeyance until the time arrives for it's next incarnation. In practice we already have potential angles prior to our next birth, which have been jointly planned by our Monadic essence and the Devic Lords of Karma, and when the planetary configurations exactly fit this new set of personal angles we are reborn. From this we can see that the Human form, both as a species and individually, is produced by various forces acting through the angular structure. We have also seen that angles consist of the material of the Plane or sub-plane in which they exist, as well as connecting these Planes, so we can conclude from this that we think in the way we do because of the type of angles we have on the Mental Plane; and similarly we experience emotions in the way we do because of the constitution of our angles on the Astral Plane. Our senses are also conditioned by the angles we have in a different area, and so on.

The links between each Plane, and the angles composing these links are of equal importance, as they affect our character just as much as the Astral and Mental Plane angles that condition our emotions and minds. Our perception of the environment, our memory, our intelligence, our imaginative faculties, our ability to learn, our adeptness at certain skills: all these depend on the angles that connect the Planes. If we are blessed with many strong interconnecting angles, then we will be gifted with abilities like those above and others besides. But when our linkage angles are sparse in certain areas, or badly formed for some reason, genetically or otherwise, we will suffer the appropriate character defects according to the area concerned.

While not disagreeing with the idea that the balance of our glands determines the health and to a certain extent the character of individuals, I would say that as the state of these glands is in the first place dependent on the condition of a person's angular structure, then esoterically man's angles make him what he is in every conceivable way


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