The Seven Rays function through the seven major chakras of each individual, but there is one chakra which is of particular importance to everybody, regardless of an individual's soul Ray. This is the true centre of every human being at our present stage of evolution, and is called the Centre of Polarisation.

Everybody except a very few advanced souls has the Solar Plexus Centre or chakra as their Centre of Polarisation, but in the immediate cosmic future the entire human race is destined to become polarised in the Heart Centre. This will cause a radical change in the natural human condition, bringing a new awareness of our surroundings, and a completely different way of relating to our environment.

Our present reality is focused through the Solar Plexus Centre which functions on the fifth plane of mental imagery and is concerned with the objective logical mind, and this reality will change when we begin to be polarised through the Heart Centre, which is centred on the fourth plane of the etheric, and is concerned with the intuition.

Our consciousness is the result of the interaction of the First Primary Ray energy of the sky and the Third Primary Ray energy of the planet Earth, and it is the solar plexus where these two major polarities meet to produce the unit of consciousness energy we call "I". This is Second Primary Ray energy, which is passed to the Head Centre if it is to be interpreted in a conscious way, but can also remain below the level of awareness as sub-conscious impressions.

Whether you label this energy of awareness as conscious, sub-conscious or even unconscious, it is still the human consciousness condition we were born with, and continue to use throughout our lives. It only leaves us when we die, because consciousness is the energy of life itself: it is the attractive force of the Second Ray of Love that exists throughout the universe, and human awareness is a pale reflection of its archetypal glory.

The fact that our brain is in our heads confuses us into believing it is responsible for our consciousness, but it is not; the brain only organises our perception of the energies involved and translates them into a form we can use to our advantage in general life terms.

The lower five centres, the Base, Sex, Solar Plexus, Heart and Throat, connect the brain to the external world via the senses, one for each centre, and the Head Centre uses these sensory impressions to create awareness. Awareness is how we interpret external energies into an understandable reality.

From this we can see that the senses are intimately connected with the chakra system because they translate the energy forms around us into a way we can understand and appreciate.

Each centre is solely responsible for processing a particular sense, but for us to be consciously aware of any sense the energy of the chakra associated with it has to make a connection with the Head Centre. Sight is a function of the Solar Plexus Centre, so this is the centre responsible for processing the energy that determines what we see before this information is sent to the brain. Similarly the Sex Centre processes the sensory energy associated with taste, the Base Centre processes the sensory energy associated with smell, the Heart Centre with touch, and the Throat Centre with hearing.

There are connections between all of the centres, and the energy from several centres representing different senses will react with the brain to give a more complete understanding of the external reality being experienced.

Although the energy of the Solar Plexus Centre functions as sight, this energy is also responsible for what goes on in our minds: most of us think in pictorial images as though we are using an inner eye. It is the polarised energy working through the Solar Plexus Centre which enables us to think pictorially. This reacts with the pineal as the physical representation of the Head Centre, to give us our everyday awareness. So whether we see images through our eyes or just think in images, our brain is actually processing energy coming from the Solar Plexus Centre, and the conscious energy it uses to achieve this is solar plexus energy.

To be polarised in a particular centre shows the type and quality of the conscious energy used by the Head Centre and brain to express awareness.

The solar plexus takes its name from the sun. It is the seat of our individuality at our present stage of evolution - our everyday conscious awareness as represented by our sun sign. We have learnt to use the energies from the Solar Plexus Centre to control our astral or 'desire body' which is connected to the Sex Centre, and which relates to our feelings rather than our thoughts. The Sex Centre today works mostly through the moon sign, and these energies can usually be tempered by the angles connected to our sun sign or solar plexus individuality.

Each centre has a definite relationship with particular Rays, so using the Crown Centre as the First Ray and the Base Centre as the Seventh Ray , and because the Solar Plexus is the fifth centre from the top we can say that our consciousness is polarised on the Fifth Ray of Truth, traditionally known as the Ray of Concrete Science. This makes good sense; the world today is built upon scientific knowledge that is based on the laws governing the objective foundation of physical structure. Through this centre, we have developed a logical mental approach to life based on power over the environment and fellow creatures, which is well exemplified by modern society. To put it simply we are conscious on the mental plane, so our minds reign supreme.

The mind of the average individual today relates to other people and events through the angles corresponding to the mental plane, which function predominantly through the Solar Plexus Centre. Through this centre we spend our lives struggling for an identity amongst the wash of influences from our surroundings, in order to establish a firm base for our individuality, often at the expense of others who are seen as rivals. The energies of this centre allow a person to rationalise their selfishness and become a responsible member of a society which is also centred on the Solar Plexus level, and which is itself building a foundation of physical form where each individual is allowed certain freedom within the imposed restrictions that exist to keep this foundation grounded.

Everything that is known about the individualís awareness of this Solar Plexus Centre can be transposed to the life situations in which he finds himself: as much as man is a product of the society in which he exists, so is the society a collective foundation of manís common life ideals and objectives.

For this reason social problems like crime, poverty and war can only be cured by changing the actual structure of society. Its policies must be centred on improving the situation for every individual within society, rather than sacrificing the needs of the individuals for society.

Therefore to change society, man himself must change, obvious I know, but following on from above we now have an idea how man must change: by re-orientating himself to work through the Heart Centre rather than the Solar Plexus Centre.

If enough individuals achieve this society will inevitably follow suit, and a society polarised "in its heart centre" will be the new utopian ideal of everybody caring for everyone else and working for the good of the individual units rather than for the collective "soul".

This means that man must change his level of consciousness, to become polarised in his heart by learning to care, to join with others through sharing and so instead of cultivating selfishness to establish an identity, he can lose this selfishness whilst retaining his identity and see others as his soul mates rather than his rivals.

We are now entering the age of Aquarius, and the accentuation of the energies released as one sign gives way to another is felt down through all the zodiac levels.
This increase in energy will be felt by humans through their Heart Centres, and this is becoming more apparent over the last few decades, as well as giving prominence to the opposing forces that attempt to stop this happening, which are left over energies from the Piscean Age. Humans are at the threshold of a new awareness, which will be polarised activity of the heart rather than the solar plexus, and the old order will always struggle harder when nearing the time of its ultimate defeat.

In the future we will be working through the Heart Centre which is the world of etheric connection, and therefore we will be aware of how we are connected to our environment ~ personal and terrestrial ~ and will have an additional etheric sense related to touch to help us understand this new environment. We will also become more susceptible to energies originating from beyond our solar system, the energies of the Seven Rays, making us very aware of how we, as dwellers on Earth, fit into the solar system as a whole as interplanetary travel becomes a physical reality. At present we are controlled by this level but are usually unaware of it except through the hidden workings of our conscience.

Human beings have been polarised in their Solar Plexus Centres for many millennia and their naturally selfish personalities have been controlled by the next centre up, the Heart Centre, via the conscience that has been earthed through the great religions of the world. This control has been effective through linking with humanityís angles that work on the fourth plane of the etheric. As man learns to become polarised in his Heart Centre he takes control of his own angles and learns to use them to benefit his life, and planetary life in general. He then comes aware of the influence of the beings who create angles ~ the Devic Hierarchy of the third plane working through the Throat Centre, who we know as angels and archangels.

An individual is only aware of the Primary Ray energies working through his Centre of Polarisation by comparing his conscious awareness to his subconscious motivations.

While he has been polarised in his Solar Plexus Centre, his subconscious has acted through him from the level below via his Sex Centre, which connects him to the traditions of his native culture, and his superconscious has acted from the centre above, the Heart Centre, through which he is connected to his conscience. As he becomes more used to the energies working through his Heart Centre, he will learn to use the energies working through his Solar Plexus in an instinctive way, and learn to deal consciously with the energies from all three centres above the Heart, which function through the higher self. These he will recognise initially as glimpses of intuition, until he develops the ability to use the intuition as a separate sense.

The three highest centres, the Crown, Head and Throat, can be considered as the source of energies which make up our higher self, just as the lower three centres, the Base, Sex and Solar Plexus form the personality, or lower self. The Heart Centre holds a unique position as the mediator between these two parts of our beings at our present stage of evolution, and will continue to do so until we experience repolarisation. From that point we can use the Heart Centre as the main vehicle for our natural life processes, by giving it the capacity to use energies from the higher self to direct the personality in the correct use of angles.

Slowly each individual will outgrow the subconscious influences of tradition, social conventions and laws he has been used to, and become more aware of his conscience through which he will realise his essential role as part of the human family. He will gradually lose his nationalistic ideologies, his religious conventions, his social prejudices and his confident attitude that a lawful society is a good society. Instead, he will see all men as equals, act compassionately towards others, and begin to feel a personal responsibility for world problems.

Many people today are already working through their Heart Centres in preparation for complete repolarisation, but this in itself has no bearing on what it is like to actually be polarised through this higher centre.

Such people are preparing the way for initiation into the new awareness and although the first stage of the initiation process is often subjective and below the level of normal consciousness, this is only a prelude to repolarisation: the change of polarised centres is a radical change of consciousness which cannot go unnoticed. Only a very few people alive today are polarised in their Heart Centre, because this level of consciousness is equivalent to nirvana or samadhi that we associate with the ultimate goal of all spiritually aware people.

Primitive man was polarised in his Sex Centre, so that his consciousness was polarised on the Sixth Ray of Devotion which equates with the astral plane of emotions. This is the present condition of many animals, and so he lived his life as part of the planet Earthís ecosystem in a semiconscious way because he was in tune with the natural planetary rhythms: he did not possess full self-awareness or indeed true individuality.

Once humanity gained the objectivity that came with repolarisation through the Solar Plexus Centre, it was at about the ideal stage of its evolution. People learnt to see the world in a new way with the true wisdom that is easiest to use at such crucial changeover periods. They had learnt over aeons how to co-operate with nature to the advantage of both, but now they could see nature as something separate. They learnt how future planning could give them a better life, which lead to the development of numbers and language, mental tools that allowed them to adjust the environment.

Most importantly, the individual human began to view his surroundings in an objective fashion. He could stand back from life and see how his environment changed, learn the rhythm of these changes and by distancing himself from the outside world he could learn to control it to suit himself. For example, instead of following herds of animals and the seasonal changes of the plants he could eat, he realised he could have his own herd of animals and grow his own plants. Eventually he became a farmer instead of a hunter-gatherer.

Just as ancient man was acutely aware of the influence of the moon, modern man is influenced by the energies coming from the sunís journey through the zodiac signs, which he has used to develop the self-awareness necessary to have control over his life. He has separated himself from the natural earth energies he once worked with semiconsciously, to now stand on his own two feet and control his own individual destiny by using extra-terrestrial forces from the planets and zodiac signs acting through his Solar Plexus Centre and the mental plane via the sun. This shift in emphasis is demonstrated in human culture between the lunar worship of natural forces by personifying them as gods, and the establishment of a matriarchal society, to the solar worship of one paternal god or creator, and the establishment of the patriarchal system that exists today in its latter phase.

Present day man has become self-aware to the point that he is able to exert vast influences over his environment that has never been possible before. Man is the only creature with enough self-awareness to consciously affect and change his environment, and because of this he has isolated himself completely from other creatures and the natural world in general. In this instance I consider the natural world as the all-inclusive ecology of the planet, where each part is completely dependent on the other parts, and each part is therefore mutually an integral part of one whole system.

This is a demonstration that humans are different to all other life on Earth. Not only can the planet do without man, but also man is now learning how to exist independently from the planet Earth through his invention of biospheres, interplanetary travel and space stations. Because of this man is totally responsible for his personal environment, a unique position which sets us apart from every other life form on Earth.

Today the human evolution is at another crucial point in its history.

Soon man will be learning how to cope with a new set of energies through a polarisation of the Heart Centre. He is about to embark on a new adventure, and enter a completely new level of consciousness, which will again be more subjective than objective. Except this time he will be on a higher level of the spiral, and without losing the individuality he has patiently developed over millennia, he will realise how important his own role will be in the evolution of not only the human species, but in the evolution of the planet and ultimately the whole solar system of which we are all an integral part. He will know this as a fact during this new changeover period because he will become intensely aware of the etheric connections which tie him to his environment.

This next stage of development for humans will lead to a more conscious application of his etheric body, with the ability to use it as naturally as he presently uses his physical/astral/mental bodies. This is a difficult concept to appreciate, because eventually he will consider the outside of this etheric energy body as his outer layer of skin.

The sense of the Heart Centre is touch, which is associated with the Fourth Ray just as sight is related to the Fifth Ray, and so once we are polarised through this centre, our minds will be using a different type of awareness to appreciate our environment. It will be based on the idea of connections, and how our relationship with the outer world is the result of an exchange of energy, which we will think of in terms of being touched by something or somebody.

Touch is an all-over sense, which we use mostly through our hands, but covers the whole expanse of our outer layer of skin. It is also tied in with the feeling of pleasure and pain, and relates to many other sensations which we often speak colloquially as being related to 'feeling', such as feeling under the weather, how we feel about things or people, or particular situations feel familiar. It is also the feeling of separation, as experienced when a loved one or place is missed. And although touch appears to be related to the physical, and feelings appear to be related to the astral, this is only confusing because of the limitation of language. I will try to expand on this.

Humans have four bodies, the physical which is concerned with action, the astral which is concerned with emotions, the mental which is concerned with thought and the etheric which is concerned with connection. The latter we can appreciate better by describing it as the connection which leads to intuitive awareness, and the higher emotions such as love which is how we often translate these flashes of intuition. We feel we know something, we feel an affinity with someone, or we feel wary about pursuing a particular course of action: these are three cases where our intuitive faculty working through our etheric body is connected to one of our lower senses, so that we are able to be intuitively aware in a way we can comprehend. In such cases, the Heart Centre is utilising the lower centres to enable our brain to process etheric energy in a way we can understand.

The Heart Centre is also concerned with conscience, which is the intuition working independently of any other Centre, and stops us doing things, feeling things and thinking things, just because we feel we shouldn't. This is because the awareness of each centre is controlled by the level above the one currently in use, so the astral can control the physical: "I don't want to do that"; the mental can control the astral: "I shouldn't feel like that"; and the etheric can control all of these by employing the conscience: " It is wrong to think/feel/do that".

Because the Heart Centre works in conjunction with the Fourth Ray and plane, it has the ability to connect up with the energies of every other centre, as the process of linking is a natural attribute of the Fourth Ray. For this reason the intuition as an extension of the etheric can function and connect with every other level working through each of the other bodily centres. So as demonstrated above, it can work in conjunction with each of the lower centres: the centre of action ~ the Base Centre, the centre of emotions ~ the Sex Centre, and the centre of thought ~ the Solar Plexus Centre, plus the higher Centres which work with the Primary Rays. It also has the ability to work on its own, once we learn how to use this faculty.

Eventually we will discover that the intuition is an independent sense through which we are able to experience the reality of our connection with other people, beings and the environment without the need to interpret it with our logical thought processes, as we have to do today.

However, when man starts to become conscious in his etheric, the next higher centre has to be handed control. This is the Throat Centre, but in practice the Throat works with the Head and Crown Centres to form what we know as the higher self, and this triplicate action then takes charge of the whole personality, which consists of the lower four centres. When viewed separately, these higher three centres can be related to the three Primary Rays, and from this, we can see that the higher self is actually the vehicle for the First, Second and Third Rays, which are connected to our life intentions or will, our consciousness or love, and our imagination or form. The Third Primary Ray works through the Throat, which connects us to the realms of the Devic Kingdom, and in particular our Holy Guardian Angel.

Today we stand at an important threshold, where we are ready to accept the new challenge in the natural evolution of our species and become polarised in the Heart Centre. Slowly we will learn to rely on our intuition, which will enable us to feel which decision to make, rather than thinking it through.

We will no longer be so concerned with visual stimulation or pictorial thoughts, but have a more general awareness of our connection to our surroundings: we will feel, as in the meaning of touch but applied conceptually rather than actually, the sense of connection and separation. The easiest way we can explain this at present is through the idea of love, which will generate the attraction towards a polar opposite in order to create a unity through a dissolution of the opposites, by using the Second Ray energy of consciousness in a Fourth Ray manner.

With this will come a new type of conscious awareness which will be based on subjective rather than objective knowledge, intuition instead of logic. Subjective knowledge is a function of the intuition, and is derived from the connection we all have to a vast etheric web of information which can be accessed, once we learn how. This information is not knowledge as we understand it. Regular knowledge is a function of the Solar Plexus Centre, which translates etheric energy into mental patterns thereby giving us a picture to understand. The main difference between information received through the intuition and through logic, is that intuition is personal knowledge, because it is how the information reacts with our own angles - giving a personal rather than general interpretation.

Objective knowledge requires reasons, subjective knowledge does not, we need not ask why? - subjective knowledge just is, it exists to be used.

We don't need to prove or validate it as with objective knowledge, we don't need to know why, or how, or whether it is the same for me as for you, or whether it is the same today as it was yesterday or will be tomorrow.

Both objective and subjective knowledge can be based on personal experience, but objective experiences are usually common to everybody and are therefore easily described whereas subjective experiences are personal and often unique, making them difficult to describe. This is because objective knowledge is based on logic, which requires the participant to stand back from the situation in order that he can reason and compare the facts with others he already knows and has decided to accept. This enables him to say whether or not he agrees with any new facts with which he is presented.

Subjective knowledge differs from this because the ideas a person believes subjectively cannot be proved, such as whether there is life after death to give an obvious example; he either accepts them or revokes them according to how he feels about the subject. In other words, he knows what he believes to be right.

This is the crucial difference, the belief factor. If you really believe something is true, something that can never be proved or disproved, then you have faith in your belief, faith that it is true even if other people donít agree with your belief. And because you believe it, no amount of argument will alter your beliefs, because you have faith in your own judgement. Such knowledge I call subjective knowledge.

For example, I believe the stars are the physical representation of completely different realities that we will never be able to understand until we leave these physical bodies that confine us. Following on from this I believe the sun is the physical "body" of something divine, and I also believe, along with Crowley and others, that we are destined to become stars ourselves. I don't believe it because I have read it, or been told it, but because I have experienced it in my imagination, and the only reason I can say that I agree with Crowley is that I arrived at the idea for myself, just as he must have done. This is knowledge that everyone must appreciate from within their own being, it is not knowledge that can be transmitted through words or speech, you either know or don't know, agree or disagree, because proof is not possible, scientifically speaking.

The remarkable thing about this process is that so many people end up agreeing about things and discovering the same "facts", when really there is no chance of convincing those who don't know for themselves in the first place. This demonstrates how numerous people are working on the same path of angles, but the individual energy of their soul Rays gives the appearance of divergence when there is none.

And in this changeover period, from an objective to subjective frame of mind, this can be difficult, and we often need to create an objective rationale where there is none just for our peace of mind, or because our objective self needs to give itself a role before realising it is redundant. Therefore many channelled books may not actually be channelled so much as consisting of subjective knowledge we are all learning to tap into. Because subjective knowledge doesn't consist of irrefutable facts, but changing ideas, which others can relate to because it stimulates them into producing their own ideas.

It also becomes relevant when trying to understand the source of esoteric knowledge, who were Gurdjieff's teachers, who were the Secret Chief's behind the Golden Dawn, who were the Master's who worked with Blavatsky to write the Secret Doctrine and establish Theosophy, are the Ascended Masters still with us today, passing on snippets of wisdom? The answer to all this, in the light of what I said above, is does it really matter? By their works, you shall know them, and if the ideas are useful and inspiring, do we need to question their validity on the strength of their apparent origins? Perhaps the prophets don't know the source of their prophecies, but because man is an inquisitive animal, they have to invent a source to give themselves, as well as their adherents, some established validity.

The Internet provides us with another example of how our perception of the world is slowly changing, even without us being aware of it.

Which of these would you take more notice of, or think more important, a piece of scribbled writing on a torn piece of paper, or the same writing in a smart brand new book? On the Internet both look the same, anyone can jot down some words on notepad and put them on the web alongside and in the same format as the works of Shakespeare. The lesson here is that we must learn how to appreciate things for their worthiness of content, rather than their outward appearance or apparent origin. The onus of responsibility is now on each individual to decide what they believe to be right, and not to assume that an expert's opinion is the correct opinion.

We all experience "hunches", when we can feel the connection between things without understanding what that connection might be: and this is an example of the intuition working as efficiently as it can through the Solar Plexus Centre. It is only when the polarised energies pass up to the Heart Centre, which works through touch rather than sight, that intuition can function properly and how it should function - by making us physically aware of the connections between things by literally feeling them inside the mind. The brain and Head Centre will still translate these connections into understandable concepts, allowing this information to be channelled to those still working through their Solar Plexus. Or it will be channelled as it is always has been through Fourth Ray inspired art and crafts ~ the natural vehicles for pure intuitive energy.

But what if everyone worked through the Heart Centre, using his or her etheric intuition? Then translation would not be necessary, each would be able to communicate through their new etheric sense, and physical life would have changed forever. The next evolutionary step for humanity, no less.

With this will come a new understanding of the composition of humans as energy beings, how we are intimately connected to our outward environment ~ and we will finally realise our collective role as the very consciousness of the planet Earth.

This will not be learnt through new scientific discoveries, it will be experienced by all, each one for themselves, and proof will no longer be required: the fact of our true spiritual existence will be part of the common human experience of life. The esoteric will become exoteric, objective knowledge will give way to subjective knowledge, and once again science will be re-united with the occult. Why? Because we will all know what we need to know, by experiencing the TRUTH for ourselves, and this will eventually become a completely natural human ability, and lead us on to a new golden age.



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