Man has but one ancestor, who shall forever remain nameless. As He is man's first father, He is known as the Creator. As He is of Infinite Infiniteness He is called the Absolute. As He conceived first the Great Goddess of Wisdom, who gave Him the Divine Child, He is called the Lord.

Now the Great Goddess of Wisdom was not of mankind at first, but took form as a snake. One day gazing upon the world she had the idea of it being an egg and entwined herself around it. Through such maternal instincts love was born into wisdom and the Child responded, and hatched from the World Egg. He was first man but did not know it. Instead he searched the heavens for his true home.

The Creator looked upon the scene from his distant abode, but was not troubled. The Great Goddess was troubled, and shed her form becoming a female. After practising three designs she called upon the Child. Then the Child knew the truth of destiny but was too late to return, as the World Egg had hatched new creatures who sought dominion over his likeness.

So matrimony with the Goddess gave him new life, and for each of her three designs they conceived seven men. Then they taught each of their brood a skill, that they may be supreme in their art and so establish dominion over their own world. The first became a king, the second a wise man, the third a magician, the fourth a mediator, the fifth a lawyer, the sixth a poet and the seventh a builder.

They became reborn anew on the world, defeated their enemies and became man's original ancestors.

The Creator looked upon the scene from His distant abode, and intervened for the first time.

"Man must realise his true destiny lies with me," He said to the Goddess and the Divine Child. "To stop him revering his ancestors and not us ~ his true family ~ I will limit his duration. Let him exist for four hundred and ninety times only. Then shall he learn his true nature, else I will banish him from any part of my domain. But I will grant him my fiery essence to light him through the darkness of his sevenfold existence. Just as a candle, he can provide his own light until after a day he is all burnt up and must await for his wax to be refashioned. Then his sevenfold ancestry can rekindle his flame."

The Goddess and the Divine Child agreed with Creator, and He acknowledged their agreement.

"Man will not have to suffer my further indulgences, lest he refuses persistently to heed my words. I decree that he will only know me after he has known you both so you can share his leadership between you. After his every day you can see the brightness in his ray, and refashion him accordingly."

And the mother and child gave thanks, and the Creator gathered new titles through His speech of lawful intention which the trinity wish you to remember. He had become the Lord of the Seven Rays and Lord of the Seven Days, and He was still the Absolute.


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