The Seven Rays Today



Every person already on their own spiritual path does not need to know about Rays, not unless they need to determine their own soul motive and spiritual direction. Basically a knowledge of angles and the Seven Rays can help in spiritual development, but are best suited to clarify and expand other ways of development, rather than being used as a system in itself, BECAUSE EVERYONE HAS THEIR OWN PATH TO ENLIGHTENMENT. Each individual has to discover and believe in their own paths, and without the need to convert others who also have their own paths.

This does not mean you have to take a singular path, this will depend on either your Ray inclinations or your intuition. Equally, this does not mean organised spiritual practice is wrong. Everyone must decide for themselves, with no regard for tradition, law or other external influence, unless this in itself is your path. The importance is that the decision to follow a particular path must be a personal decision, made by your true will.

Your Ray is your spiritual motivation. By realising your soul Ray you can develop its qualities to become a channel for the energies of your Higher Self, to manifest your true purpose in this, your life, on Earth. Your soul purpose can only be discovered by union with your Higher Self, so it is very helpful to discover your soul Ray, even though this can be an entirely subjective process.

Each individual is unique and special, so each person will add his own qualities of experience to his soul Ray, and will channel its energies in a different way to others of the same Ray. Therefore when learning about the Rays, and attempting to discover your own Ray, choose carefully but don't be afraid of choosing the wrong Ray. It is best to seek which Ray you should be working with now, and if this does not correspond with the actual soul Ray, it will still be valuable experience and add further qualities to your soul Ray.

The way forward for everybody, irrespective of their true Ray type, is to channel the Primary Ray energies which are processed in the Solar Plexus Centre directly into the Heart Centre, before these energies are passed on to their usual centres of realisation. This enables our natural life angles to become used to working with Heart Centre energies, by redirecting our basic motivation behind our awareness towards ‘carings’ rather than ‘feelings’ or ‘thoughts’. There are numerous practices and systems in use today which can help this process indirectly, merely by altering the basic intention or motivation of the participants. This can redirect the Ray energy through the Heart Centre as described above, as well as increasing the awareness and quality of this energy.



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