Some thoughts on the Higher Self in relation to spiritual development, the Ashram of Synthesis and the Soul Ray.

by Mo


"The combination or synthesis of Purpose, Evolution, and Activity which will finally manifest as The Christ in outer expression, we refer to as the Divine Plan."
~ Lucille Cedercrans

Synthesis is working the three Primary Rays together by replacing the 3rd Ray with the 7th Ray. It is the solution to the problem that we are re-active to the level above our polarized centre, and when considering Heart polarization this would be the Throat, giving accentuation to the 3rd Ray and its concentration on devic form and its imaginative content based on illusionary concepts. This over stimulation of the 3rd Ray through our Throat Centre is a significant part of our present human problem, seen esoterically.

All the time we have been polarised in our Solar Plexus we have had the centre above as a controlling factor, the Heart with its conscience, which functions above the levels of emotion and thought when it is working correctly. When we are repolarised through the Heart we have the next higher centre to guide or control us, which is the Throat Centre as the natural channel for 3rd Ray devic forces.

However if this is seen as separate to the other two higher centres rather than part of the triplicity which comprises the Higher Self, it will use it's energies to concentrate on separative thought; structure rather than ideas; the glorification of form and sensation; or as a kind of psychism manifesting as religious / political fanacticism, hearing angelic voices and seeing alien presences; and encouraging those with weak wills to act on their illusions ~ "God told me to". These alternative realities, including many that most of us "take for granted", are devic based and separative in nature, and subconsciously condition and 'advise' our responses according to the nature of the devic forces currently active in the individual, without the Divine guidance of the complete Higher Self which includes the 2nd and 1st Primary Ray influences of Unconditional Love and Divine Will.

Synthesis can be seen as the process of integrating the higher three centres, the Crown, Head and Throat representing the three Primary Rays of Will, Consciousness and Form, into one; and earthing the energies of the triplicate Higher Self into the life and affairs of the aspirant by working with the 7th Ray through the Throat Centre rather than the 3rd Ray. This will secure the 4th Ray firmly in the Heart giving it a natural foundation on which to work with the dualities of existence originating on the buddhic/intuitional.



Although our still limited awareness may not be able to understand it concretely, our Higher Self will then have gained access to the co-operation of the devic entities of that 4th intuitional (buddhic) plane who will naturally make connections between the seemingly independent manifestations of the Plan working out through the focalized 7th Ray points of individuality.

Incidentally, this will be the stage prior to that initiatory point when the awareness can be raised to its rightful position on the Monadic 2nd plane of pure consciousness as the fully realized Self.

This transition into group awareness begins with the 4th Ray as a process, and ends with the 2nd Ray as a realization.

But none of this can begin until the early stages of transformation and integration of the personality vehicle are initiated internally by the aspirant, so that the energies of the Soul Ray can work efficiently and absent of illusion from the top down in the cycle of manifestation known as the magic of consciousness.


Moving now from the personal to the cosmic, I'd like to relate these ideas to the Wisdom teachings of Lucille Cedercrans.

By viewing synthesis as the unification of the three aspects of the Higher Self, and substituting the 7th Ray for the 3rd Ray, perhaps we could use this role of synthesis in our personal development as an analogy to understand more about the position of the Ashram of Synthesis, which functions with the Monadic energy of Shamballa. So just as the Hierarchy stands between Humanity and Shamballa, so too does the Synthetic Ashram stand between the seven Ray-Ashrams of Hierarchy and the three Primary Ashrams of Shamballa which are really One, Divine Will, the evolutionary process we refer to as Divine Purpose. The positive pole is Shamballa and the negative pole is Hierarchy - and the Synthetic Ashram is the connecting field of synthesized consciousness in its 1st, 2nd and 7th Primary Ray aspects focalized through the Monad of Synthesis as soular energy.

"An ashram, while it is a fact in nature, exists in consciousness only."

( Lucille Cedercrans, The Nature Of The Soul, page 190)

The importance here is that if we identify our consciousness with our Soul Ray we can learn to respond to Shamballa via the energies of the Synthetic Ashram and become conscious instruments of Divine Purpose by developing the group awareness which this process requires ~ as above so below.

These intuitive perceptions clearly demonstrate that although the synthetic energy of the Ashram of Synthesis may be a new energy, because of its unique position it should not be thought of as an "additional" ray energy ~ but a synthesis of the triplicate nature at the heart of all seven rays. Therefore I see one's Soul Ray as the potential carrier wave for this new Monadic frequency of synthesis.


This article is dedicated to my dear friend and co-worker Glenys Lowery, who inspired me to write it and encouraged me to publish it. Be forever at peace Glenys.


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