The Ashram of Synthesis:  

Its Purpose and Responsibility


Glen Knape



The purpose of the new Ashram of Synthesis is complex, its responsibilities are extensive and unfamiliar, and in need of some explanation. While the approach to the Ashram includes ascension to synthesis, the Ashram and its purpose and functions are realized via the precipitation of synthesis. That precipitation of synthesis includes:

The Externalization

“The Ashram … is a new Ashram, a synthesis of First, Second, and Seventh Ray energies and expressions. In other words, the Master M., the Master D.K., and myself, the Master R., have come together to form an Ashramic Center.

“With us we have brought into relationship those of our Ashram, those of our Ashramic membership, who are karmically (and I refer here, to Service Karma) related with this particular Ashramic effort, with that particular expression of the Divine Plan which we are focusing. So, this Ashram is made up of disciples functioning on the First, Second, and the Seventh Rays. The Ashramic Plan itself (which, remember, is a particular expression of the Divine Plan for Humanity as held in focus by the Christ) has to do with the externalization of the Hierarchy, with which every individual who is attracted to this teaching and into its esoteric activity is particularly and peculiarly related, so that you come to this from out of the past.” 1

The synthesis of First, Second, and Seventh gives the Synthesis Ashram a peculiar ability to focus, relate, and precipitate as a single magical activity. As a result, while all the Ashrams are responsible for preparing for the Reappearance, the Synthesis Ashram has a peculiar role in the Externalization of the Hierarchy. This may appear to be a fine distinction, but it is quite important.

The Reappearance is sometimes described as an event in which the fact of the Christ and the Masters again become apparent to humanity. In a sense, it involves both the descent of the Christ and the Masters (into the three lower worlds and world of affairs), and the ascent of humanity into conscious awareness of the fact of their existence.

The effort to bring about this “event“ includes all the ashrams and the disciples of those ashrams.

The Externalization may be described as an ongoing process via which the Christ, the Masters, their ashrams, and the world discipleship, manifest on Earth. It is one thing for the Christ and the Masters to Reappear, it is quite another for the Hierarchy to be in full expression.

From this perspective, the Reappearance is part of the beginning of the Externalization, and while the entire Hierarchy participates in the Reappearance, the Ashram of Synthesis has primary responsibility for the Externalization. However, the externalization is only a part of its function.

New Civilization, Organization, and Initiation

“This Ashram carries the responsibility of shifting the civilization from a Sixth to a Seventh Ray expression and of shifting the organized life of the form from a Third to a Seventh Ray expression. It carries the burden of Hierarchial responsibility for the shift of human identification from self to Soul. It is now moving into the responsibilities which it will assume fully at the turn of the century and carry over a 2500-year period. … At or around the turn of the century the new Synthetic Ashram will include all disciples within these three major ashrams.” 2, 3

Thus, the Ashram of Synthesis is also responsible for shifting civilization from Sixth Ray (aspiration to an overshadowing ideal) to Seventh (precipitating idea in appearance), and for shifting the organized life of form from Third (the intelligent activity of substance) to Seventh. In the process, civilization will become a moving picture, and substance a reflecting surface, of Divine Will.

The shift of form from Third Ray organization into Seventh includes the transformation of throat centers from Third Ray centers of organization into Seventh Ray centers of creativity. Thus, the Crown, Ajna, and Throat will become First, Second, and Seventh Ray centers, while the point at the center of their triangle (the “cave in the head”) becomes the center and instrument of synthesis.

The Ashram’s responsibility for human evolution is expanded in the following:

“The plan with which you are concerned, which has to do with the new Synthetic Ashram … constitutes the major effort of the Hierarchy at this time. In response to the new realization of purpose achieved by the Planetary Logos Himself, the First, Second, and Seventh Ray Ashrams, in their entirety, have entered into an agreement to … synthesize their purpose, their consciousness and activity—their energy, force, and substance—in such a way as to formulate via this synthesis (and thus to create within consciousness and substance) the new path of initiation to be focused via humanity into the planetary life and affairs. …

“… The vision of mastery which has always here-to-fore been focused into and through humanity by means of the etheric network, and the story of initiation created within that network, has been the vision of a single, perfect man overcoming death. This has been the symbol of mastery.

“The new goal … is that of a telepathic at-oned humanity having seen into, having in one moment of perception experienced and overcome the long drawn out process in the form world of evolution. … Now, what are the stages of the new process which will culminate this final act of mastery? They are totally different and yet they are a synthesis of the old path of initiation as it has always been known.4

“To bring this down to specific form at this time is almost impossible. It cannot be defined as the First, the Second, the Third, the Fourth, the Fifth initiation, because it is one initiation. It is a synthesis of the old path. It is one initiation which is an experience in consciousness from its beginning to its completion, and which (at this stage of the initiatory effort being made by the new Synthetic Ashram), cannot be outpictured in symbolic form.

… “The new path has not been created within the consciousness and the etheric network of humanity. This is your task. This is the effort of the new Synthetic Ashram on its own level, the creation of the new initiatory effort and (through this incarnate group), the outpicturing, the implanting of that path for and within both the consciousness and instrumentality of the whole human family.”5

Thus, the Synthesis Ashram is responsible for synthesizing the old path of initiation into a new, much more rapid, initiation process. This new process is part of an effort, for which the Ashram is also responsible, to prepare humanity to take initiation, as a kingdom, at the end of this age. That is, every human being will, no matter where they are in their individual growth and development, become aware, from that point, that they are Soul. Humanity as a whole, throughout its spectrum of awareness, will be Soul Conscious.

The method of preparation for that mass initiation of human consciousness is Group Initiation, and the necessary teaching for Group Initiation is contained in The New Thought-form Presentation of The Wisdom.

Energy of Synthesis

“The Synthesis of First, Second and Seventh Ray energies brings the planet and humanity a new energy, a new force and a new substance with which to shape and mold a new civilization.

“The Synthesis reaches us from the Avatar of Synthesis, Who, acting, under the direction of a greater Cosmic Life, synthesizes the energies into a lower correspondence of a Cosmic energy as yet of too high and subtle a frequency for us to reach.

“The Avatar releases the new Synthesis to the Planetary Logos and The Christ, Who, in turn release it to the new Ashram of Synthesis via its focal point, The Masters M., R., and D.K.

(Applied Wisdom, Introductory, by Lucille Cedercrans, Wisdom Impressions)

During Wesak there is or has been an overshadowing triangle consisting of the Avatar of Synthesis, the Buddha, and the Christ.6 However, the Higher Triangle immediately overshadowing the Ashram of Synthesis is formulated of the Planetary Logos, The Christ, and the Avatar of Synthesis. This Higher Triangle invokes the Energy of Synthesis, steps it down in frequency, and radiates it to the Ashram of Synthesis. The Ashram of Synthesis is then responsible, via its Group Units or Disciples, for radiating the Energy of Synthesis throughout the planetary life.

Meeting the opposition

Since the first response to that Energy is to clarify existing polarities (in preparation for raising them into the higher union or at-one-ment of synthesis), the Ashram is also responsible for the opposition to synthesis.

“Now, how does the Soul deal with the problems of human relation? How does the Soul deal with the problems of finance in this particular world? How does the Soul deal with any of the conflict between the ideal and the actuality? This is your service. You are serving humanity, moment by moment, as you meet the problems of humanity within your own life and affairs and resolve those problems. This is your service. … The way is never made easy for the disciple who has taken upon himself the responsibility of initiating a new effort. The way was not made easy for Jesus and his disciples. The way has not been made easy for any group or any disciple who takes his share of the responsibility for the Divine Plan for humanity and brings it into incarnation.

“This includes all of your problems. It includes the problem of the opposition. Certainly you will meet with the opposition. Why would you, the disciple who carries the responsibility of the Divine Plan, be protected from the opposition, leaving the opposition to work out its wrath within the body of humanity (who has not the knowledge you have with which to work)? Certainly you will meet with the opposition. It is hoped that you will be able to divert the attention of the opposition from its focus upon humanity as a whole.

“Now consider this. Is humanity in its present evolutionary development, as equipped as it is, capable of handling the opposition? This is a part of the work of the new Synthetic Ashram, a part of that First Ray effort which every disciple will have to carry since it is a synthetic ashram. Every disciple carries the responsibility for the expression in a synthesis of all three of the rays.”7

The Group Units of the Ashram meet that opposition by embodying it within their life and affairs, and then manifesting the solutions to those difficulties.


Thus, the Purpose and Functions of the Ashram of Synthesis include:

Externalizing the Hierarchy,
Shifting civilization from Sixth to Seventh Ray,
Shifting human organization from Third to Seventh Ray,
Formulating a new path of initiation,
Preparing humanity to take initiation, as a kingdom,
and Meeting and Transmuting the opposition to Synthesis.

Relationship to the Ashramic Purpose

"The relationship with this Plan is not a new one. The inter-relationships within the group are not new ones. Your relationship with the Master M., the Master D.K., and myself, the Master R., is not a new one.

"For a long, long period of time, most of you, insofar as the incarnate consciousness is concerned, have been, how shall I say it, not exactly cut off, but by means of karmic necessity, separate and apart from, away from your Ashram. This Synthetic Ashram is actually being recreated, for at another time, that which I can only refer to as not exactly an analogy, not exactly a correspondence of this Ashram, was in existence. Certainly those who are now making up this Ashram were related together within a group effort, which was Spiritually impulsed by means of the Overshadowing Christ. The group was disintegrated, again by karmic necessity, and on the most part, most of its membership apparently regressed.

"Remember, there is no such thing as true regression, but most of its membership was forced to reenter the evolutionary process almost at the animal man stage, and to recapitulate the growth and development achieved up through the evolutionary process, until you have arrived at this point in awareness. When and where the Ashramic note is sounded forth, which gathers you back again into the former group relationship in order to recapitulate the path of initiation which we have tread in times past, all of this being a part of the externalization of the Hierarchy.

"Now consider, the Ashram (whose responsibility to the Plan and whose relationship to the Plan had to do spe­cifically with the first effort of the externalization) sent the greater part of its consciousness into incarnation within the body of humanity at the lowest level possible. That consciousness then incarnate within the body of humanity, having no knowledge of its own particular growth and development or Ashramic affiliation, yet different, changed by, even in the depths of its incarnation, being innately Spiritual in nature, being then the work of bridging (from the depths of the human condi­tion and circumstance within the world of affairs) the consciousness of humanity with that of the Ashram, and traveling back up through the totality of the evolutionary process, thereby unconsciously anchoring the Light of the Ashram within each of these states of consciousness, within each of these conditions, within which it incarnated. So that now, as you come together, it is each one carrying that thread of Light which you anchored within that humanity, into which you had been focused in the ascending process.

"Now, these threads are being brought together to create one vast focus of Light (remember, they have come this way) which now will be directed upward toward the Ashramic Center. As you come into a realization and an awareness of your Ashramic affiliation, as you expand your consciousness into that fruit of growth and development which you had achieved in times past, it is as and with the very depths of that humanity into which you had incarnated, and with the relationship, so that you are bridging the very lowest within which you have lived with the very highest with which you will attain. Then, via that bridge, the Ashramic Group Life can put down and out into objective manifestation, to radiate the Light, the Love, and the Power of the Divine Plan for Humanity within the body of humanity." 8

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