The Seven Rays Today






Each of the seven major Human chakras or centres form part of larger energy fields, which correspond to the usual order of Rays and Planes.

The lower four chakras relate to the Devic and Elemental lives, which interact with us subjectively through the angles of the Planes associated with the elements of Fire, Air, Water and Earth.

Therefore the Base, Sex, Solar Plexus and Heart Centres work with energy that is processed by the angles of these lower Planes before they affect us subjectively through our individual centres.

The energy field that relates to our Solar Plexus is the conventional circle of zodiac signs, the Solar Zodiac, and for this reason the Base, Sex and Heart Centres are also considered as being influenced through their respective zodiacs, called the Earth Zodiac, the Lunar Zodiac and the Stellar Zodiac.

The higher centres, the Throat, Head and Crown, work directly with the pure Ray energies of the Third, Second and First Rays respectively, and are responsible for the basic cosmic energies which enable Human beings to function as individual, corporeal and sentient beings with their own personal realities. Through these three chakras we are connected to our true existence, which survives death and continues through many lives accumulating experience to progress onwards to spiritual enlightenment.

Their energy affects us directly through their association with planets in the third chakra or Throat Centre, through the Sun in the second chakra or Head Centre, and through the stars in the first chakra or Crown Centre.

The Throat Centre functions with pure planetary energy, which is the energy of the planets and their mutual aspects, irrespective of their zodiacal position, and acts as the clearinghouse for all planetary angular energy.

On the Celtic Cross (see Diagram 2) the Throat Centre is central and connected to every other centre directly. This is because the Throat Centre is related to the Devic Evolution, and has the ability to connect the individual to the highest manifestation of angles operating on the planet, as well as the Devic beings known as the Archangels who control them.

It is also the centre through which we are able to connect with our Holy Guardian Angel, the being who has ultimate control over our personal angles. The Throat Centre is the ultimate response centre for aspects between planets, the source of all angles, irrespective of the zodiac positions of the planets.

Most importantly of all, it is through the Throat Centre that we are linked to our essential life energy, the three Primary Rays. Therefore, it has to be connected to every other centre, because all centres require planetary stimulation to continue to operate throughout life.

The Head Centre is the source of Second Ray energy, which we understand as consciousness, and relates to our sun and various significant individual stars. Although it works with solar energy, this is independent of the position of the Sun or other stars in relation to the zodiac.

However, because Humans are Second Primary beings, the Head Centre also has access to the energies of all three Primaries, coming from the Base, Crown and Throat, and through its association with the Ascendant it is also where the two angular structures, magnetic and electric, meet and fuse their energies. This connects each of the zodiacs, and enables every degree or angle in each zodiac to respond to an increase of energy, and pass on this same influence to the same degree in the other zodiacs.

In this way, each angle or degree will have a cumulative response depending on previous events and situations that have given it energy, in any of the other zodiacs. This has a practical significance in both astrology and magic.

The Crown Centre relates to our individual Ray energy and its connection with its highest point of origin. It works with energy from certain star clusters and galaxies, which has nothing to do with the conventional twelve signs of the zodiac, but is more concerned with a particular part of the sky, and the stars and galaxies visible at each individual degree. It therefore works in Humans as First Primary energy, giving us our spiritual motivation in its purest possible form, or as pure as we are able to appreciate it.

From this we can see why the three highest centres, the Crown, Head and Throat, can be considered as the source of energies which make up our Higher Self, just as the lower three centres, the Base, Sex and Solar Plexus form the Personality, or lower self.

The Heart Centre holds a unique position as the mediator between these two parts of our beings at our present stage of evolution, and will continue to do so until we experience repolarisation, from which point we can use the Heart Centre as the main vehicle for our natural life processes, by giving it the capacity to use energies from the Higher Self to direct the Personality in the correct use of angles.

Just as the highest three centres connect to the stars, the sun and the planets to form the Higher Self, the four lower centres are connected to large energy fields to form the Personality, and as planetary energy has the ability to interact with any of these fields, this is how planetary movements affect man through his lower four centres.

The Base Centre relates to the Seventh Ray or Seventh Plane energy field, because this centre connects man to the planet Earth’s own energy field, and as such this centre will act as part of the Earth's magnetic field, relating to the cardinal compass points via magnetic north.

However this will be altered in its influence by the Sex Centre, which relates to the Sixth Ray and is similarly connected to the Moon field, and which affects the Sex Centre through the lunar phases in the same way that the Moon affects our planet Earth.

Likewise the Solar Plexus Centre that relates to the Fifth Ray, is connected to the energy field of the Sun, and which affects the Solar Plexus Centre through its annual seasons.

Finally, the Heart Centre, which relates to the Fourth Ray, is connected to the Stellar Zodiac, which is the energy field of the entire universe.

Each of these fields or zodiacs are able to react which each other as they are centres themselves, even though they cover vast areas of time and space, and they are also subject to the similarity of circular form working through a double pole cross which governs every centre. This interaction is based on the fact that they contain an equal number of degrees, and each degree represents an angle. In addition, each has a First Point denoting the beginning of the degrees of the circle, which although different in each case enables them to relate to each other.

The Base Centre is operative on the level of pure Earth consciousness, subject to the variety of influences depending only on the geographical position on the Earth’s surface, irrespective of the time of day or of the seasons.

Each position on the planet has a unique influence based on geo-magnetism which works through the Base Centre, and this is due to fault lines, stress factors of the tectonic plates, underground water sources such as blind springs, the type of terrain, whether it is fertile or desert, whether it is near a large body of water, and so on.

Earth Zodiac energies originate from our own planet and exist independently from other influences such as the Moon and Sun, although they are subject to continual influence from these and other factors. The essential feature of the Earth Zodiac is that every point on the surface of the Earth has a unique quality, and irrespective of the influences affecting each point, this quality will remain individual and unique.

This unique quality is dependent on the magnetic forces of the Earth’s own magnetic field, and therefore the surface position is determined by the relationship it has with the North and South Poles of the planet.

The visible demonstrations of this Earth Zodiac are the winds and the weather patterns, as shown by variations in atmospheric pressure, and which are echoed in the currents of the sea. One specific example would be a north wind, which not only always comes from the north, but is always cold, whatever time of the day, or in whatever season it occurs. However once we begin to work out when the cold north wind will blow, then we have to take into account the next zodiac in the sequence, the Lunar Zodiac, or even the Solar Zodiac. Because the essential characteristic of the Earth Zodiac is that time is not a factor.

The Earth Zodiac is simply the terrestrial influences that are governed solely by the position on our world in relation to the poles, and nothing else. Every point on our Earth can thus be seen as the centre of its own unique universe, and this point will have a different influence on anything or anyone positioned there regardless of the influences arising from the relationship of Earth with any other celestial body.

This explains why the English language is spoken in different dialects when its base is moved, and accounts for the difference in the way it is spoken in the UK, USA, South Africa and Australia. It is not because everybody else speaks like that, it is the way the particular position on the Earth’s surface affects the spoken language, because a move in location changes the energies of the Third Primary. This in turn affects the voice through the Throat Centre.

So the actual geographical position of the subject is integral to the finer tuning of the astrological influences he will experience. When you realise that a Human is an energy system based on consciousness, and his physical form is only solidified consciousness, and the planet similarly is the solidified form of a different energy system, and both Humans and the planet on which they exist are dependent on the same universal energy system built around the sun, then you can see that as each part moves within and through this complex system of energy and wave patterns the resulting manifestations of activity, which we recognise as events, will vary depending on the relative locations of each individual part.

The ancients were aware of this fact, and used this knowledge wisely to site their temples, cities and other edifices in situations that made best use of this natural phenomenon. They were aware of the fact that every influence from beyond the Earth sphere, as they called the Earth Zodiac, had to be adjusted by the position on the Earth of the subject under scrutiny.

Although time is not a factor as it is with the other zodiacs, in reality the Earth Zodiac cannot exist without some consideration of time, and the initial reckoning of time is day and night. Therefore the Earth Zodiac, although considered timeless, is ruled by a 24-hour day, but every day is considered exactly the same as every other day, and therefore it is subject to a daily cycle or 24-hour rhythm that begins at sunrise every day. This counts as the Earth Zodiac’s beginning point, the Head Centre or Ascendant, and noon becomes the next quarter of the cycle, sunset the next, and finally midnight the last point. So as with every zodiac, it can be allocated positions as determined by the Celtic Cross, through which it can be related to the other three zodiacs.

The next centre is the Sex Centre, and this is most definitely dependent on time. It is connected to the Lunar Zodiac which is based again on a circle divided into four quadrants which relate approximately to the Moon’s phases, and these quadrants are also divided into seven parts ~ giving a relationship to the Seven Rays ~ to produce a cycle of 28 days. In practice, the real influence of this zodiac is felt through its relationship with the Sun, beginning with the New Moon, and progressively influencing through the cycle of First Quarter, Full Moon, Last Quarter and back to New Moon.

The next centre, the Solar Plexus, is dependent on the Sun and its annual journey through the seasons, and its changing relationship with the Moon affects the time factor relevant to each place on Earth, and the planetary cycles adjust the stellar influences felt by Humans. In other words, the Solar Plexus Centre is connected to the energy field we know as the conventional astrological zodiac, and is how we are directly affected through our polarised centre by the movement of celestial energy, via the three Primaries which enter the body elsewhere, but meet and react in this centre.

These three zodiacs are responsible for the interactive influences working on a Human from his natural environment.

First there is the place he lives, which is tied in with the place he was born, and this is operative through the Base Centre. Both his current position and the place of his birth determine the quality of his physical solid form and his kundalini energy factor, because just as his birthplace is responsible for his natal angles, so his current location is responsible for the levels of energy flowing through these angles, as the kundalini is the natural force of the Earth.

Second, there is the time factor that creates the natural cycles of life, which are associated with the lunar phases and tides operative through the Sex Centre. These again are tied in with when he was born in relation to these natural cycles, and these determine the quality of his liquid form, and the astral energies he feels on an emotional level.

Finally, the influence felt from the Sun is responsible for his vitality and mental awareness as the solar influence varies through its progression through the zodiac signs and its interactivity with the major planets. This affects his gaseous form and his mental energies, and once again is tied in with his birth and the forces operative at that moment in all three areas: the place or kundalini factor, the lunar phase time, and the solar/planetary time.

The way to see how these different zodiacs work into life is by viewing them from their own centres.

The Earth Zodiac is considered from the point on the surface of the Earth occupied by the observer, who is acting as the centre, and around him, he will be able to see the movement of both the horizon and the sky. Next, the Lunar Zodiac considers the whole planet Earth as the centre, and the Moon circles around it. Then the Solar Zodiac, which we are used to in astrological terms, is when the Sun revolves around both the Moon and the Earth, so that the centre has now moved from being a single point on the Earth's surface, to the planet Earth as a whole, and then to the Earth and the Moon operating as a single centre.

From this we can get a better idea of what the Stellar Zodiac is about. The centre now becomes the whole solar system, including the Earth, the Moon, the Sun and all the planets, around which the so called ‘fixed stars’ circle.

The energies from the Stellar Zodiac that flow through the Heart Centre are related to the Fourth Ray, and deal with angles in their subjective condition, as well as those angles which connect us to other levels.

The energy from the Seven Rays originates at the highest level of the Stellar Zodiac, and affects the other zodiacs, including the Earth Zodiac. An example of this is that we are now entering Aquarius, and so this accentuation of the energies released as one sign gives way to another is felt down through all the zodiac levels.

This increase in energy will be felt by Humans through their Heart Centres, and over the last few decades more and more people are opening their hearts to the positive caring attitudes of new age alternative lifestyles. The same energy also fuels the forces that oppose radical change and the movement away from a purely materialistic outlook on life: these are left over energies from the Piscean Age. Humans are at the threshold of a new awareness, which will be polarised activity of the Heart rather than the Solar Plexus, and the old order will always struggle harder when nearing the time of its ultimate defeat.

All four centres shown on a horoscope are junction points between magnetic and electric energies, but as the Ascendant marks the beginning of each zodiac, as well as representing man’s conscious awareness through his Head Centre, it is obviously the most important of the junction points.

As the Ascendant is the most subjective position on a horoscope, we receive or exert influence through the Ascendant in a subjective way by using it as our personal angle. For this reason it can be used to express the influences originating from the Earth zodiac which work through the Base Centre but are unable to affect us directly. Therefore, the Ascendant is tied in with the influences operative during a twenty four-hour daily cycle, such as those of the sub-personalities, as well as the annual cycle of seasons.

In addition, each cycle of influences working through the lower centres has both a short and long period. The Ascendant is subject to both a daily cycle and an annual cycle, because the cycle of a year corresponds to the position of the Sun in respect to the Earth in order to begin another cycle of 365 days.

Although they do not correspond mathematically, the number of days in a year was taken to equate with the 360-degree divisions of a circle by the ancients. In this way they could describe every day by the degree it represented, which consists of an angle with its individual Elemental and Devic ingredients. From this, they deduced that each day must have its own ‘nature’, which would correspond to the same day each year, hence the importance of calendars in the ancient world. The Lunar cycle of months also repeats its correspondence in relation to the Earth every nineteen years, which is shown on a horoscope by the position of the Moon’s Nodes.

The easiest way to understand how these different zodiacs work through Humanity is to see them as progressive divisions of attachment to the Monadic identity. As Humanity progresses through its natural stages of evolution as characterised by the Centres of Polarisation, the individual Human was initially subject to lunar influences through his Sex Centre, which had twenty-eight divisions based on a monthly cycle. At present, he is subject to solar influences through his Solar Plexus Centre that has twelve divisions based on an annual cycle. Eventually, when he becomes polarised in his Heart Centre, he will be subject to the stellar influences of the Seven Rays.



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