The Seven Rays Today



The first three Rays are called the Primary Rays because they embody both the original Principles of the Absolute, as well as being IDENTICAL to the First, Second and Third Rays, but need to be considered as having a separate existence in order to explain the functions of the Seven Rays, and how the Rays relate to Human life.

The Primaries are the original manifestation of the Rays working at the Monadic level of existence, where only three Rays exist. As such, they are of pure Ray quality, because they embody the essence of the Absolute’s Principles. Once they descend to the lower levels of existence, they become the Seven Rays to establish physical manifestation. The Seven Rays that relate to Human spirituality are not pure in the sense that the Primaries are pure, but instead partake of minor qualities from other Rays giving them individual and unique characteristics.

There is a difference in quality between every manifestation of the Rays on Earth, even the First, Second and Third Rays, because the reason they exist in the physical realms is to add to these qualities. The Primary Rays are pure because they cannot be improved; they are as perfect as the Absolute, as they are His Principles, and equate more with the Divine Triplicity than the actual energies of the Rays which manifest in our daily lives. I must emphasise that each Ray is equal in its manifestation on Earth, and no Ray is better, easier or more useful than any other.

There are two final points, which are central to the understanding of how the Rays function. The first is that each seventh division of the three aspects of the Absolute is closely related to every other division bearing the same number. If all Rays, Planes, and Kingdoms are numbered from the highest to lowest with the numbers from one to seven, as well as each sub-division, each numbered part will relate to all other parts with the same number, no matter where in the system it is situated. Therefore, there is a definite relationship between the Seventh Ray, the seventh sub-division of all Rays, the Seventh Plane, the Seventh sub-division of all Planes, the Seventh Kingdom, and the Seventh sub-divisions of all Kingdoms. For example, the Seventh Ray attribute of ‘earthing’ is related to the Seventh Plane of the Physical as well as the Seventh Kingdom of minerals.

The second point is that between each level of awareness, each sub-division of each Ray and each sub-division of each Plane, there is a very real and definite barrier ~ which explains why in our normal physical state we are completely unaware of realities outside of our own.


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