"The words printed here are concepts. You must go through the experiences."

- Carl Frederick


The word angle does not mean anything at all, it only equates with an ever-changing formula which lies behind every level of reality. If you try to define an angle, the definition becomes the form created by the angle, but not the angle itself.

An angle can't be defined and has no form because it is the formula behind creation which depends on a relationship between things. An example would be that nothing could exist in our reality unless we are able to sense it in some way, therefore there is a relationship between us sensing something and that same something - this relationship is an angle.

The nearest we can get to defining an angle is to say it exists as the subjective relationship between two objective realities, in this case between ourselves and the something we are aware of through our sensory perception. "Being aware of something" is the subjective conscious quality of the angle, the energy which empowers its manifestation into our reality by its power of connection. Therefore an angle has two poles, in this case the seer and the seen, but neither are the angle because the angle remains as the relationship which separates the negative and positive polarities which we view as separate but are in fact opposing poles of the same angle.

Such an angle, composed of both polarities, will function on its own once it has appropriated the necessary energy from our personal consciousness, taking form as a prejudice, a pre-judgement, an opinion based on the other angles operating when this one first entered our awareness and appropriated some of our consciousness: and which at some future point will have to be reclaimed, redeemed, or transmuted. Everything we see is coloured and distorted by what we feel or think about what we see, because it is natural for our minds to connect with similar experiences in our past.

You must appreciate I am only describing one "something" about angles here with these examples, they also function as angular relationships between events, objects, between planets even, and of course often arise as coincidences and flashes of inspiration.

Everything that has a name is an angle in manifestation, but if it is "unidentifiable" then it is a true angle of potential, a real angle. A real angle is something that just happens or appears out of the blue, or is the background to a situation - all those indescribable coincidences which we view as unconnected life events. There is a hidden connection behind everything we experience during our lives which gives us the continuity of existence. However once something is named it becomes crystallized into a set pattern and begins its descent into distortion. It's angle will then attract attention from our consciousness and assume a named identity.

Most of our personal angles are subconscious influences in our lives which have become automatic responses - these are angles based on habit, or a learnt skill. They form our character and most are needed in some form or other, but most also become distorted to a greater or lesser extent by outside influences. They are based on our natal horoscope, and they are developed or distorted according to our response to certain changes that occur in the cosmos, such as planetary transits.

Angles exist on every level, but their natural level is the 3rd and 4th planes, and they are especially related to the 3rd and 4th Rays. They exist as mere potentialities on the 3rd level, but react with our consciousness on the 4th level because this is the etheric level of angles in motion known as the buddhic or intuitional plane, and the link or bridge to the framework on which the lower levels of reality are built - the etheric web. Once angles become activated on the 4th plane they begin their descent through the lower 3 worlds as they assume an identity as a thought on the mental plane, an emotion on the astral plane and a realization into manifestation on the physical plane which is our normal reality of everyday awareness.

Therefore angles exist on every level but they are also the bridges or barriers between the physical and the astral and other levels of awareness, or states of energy.

Learning how to work with angles allows us to use the etheric energies repsonsible for our reality both creatively and effectively. Knowing that the two poles of any angle are called Intention and Substance helps us appreciate how to resolve the polarity of each unnecessary situation, and by knowing that an angle works subjectively, we can make it objective and release some of its power. Or we can continue to let an angle obsess us, and instead of using the pure conscious energy of our Soul to guide us we can continue to work with the consciousness trapped in our angles, staying in the old world instead of moving into the new one.

Therefore angles exist everywhere, all the way up to the Monadic. In Lucille Cedercran's work she refers to the idea of the etheric web that encloses our world of angular reality as Selah, similar to the world soul, and the Soul/ Christ consciousness which empowers it to work with the Divine Plan she calls See-La-Aum. The etheric web is a collective term for one example of angles: by their very nature angles can't act alone but are always involved hierarchically with other angles.



However, angles are also part of the devic realm. They are created by devas in a similar way to how we create thought-forms, although devas consciously create angles according to Divine Purpose, rather than the random thoughts humans are especially good at.

Although devas are "beings", to us they manifest as intelligent energy, and we only become aware of their influence in our everyday lives through angles, because devas can't function on their own below the buddhic. Our lives "happen" because of the devic patterning that originates on the buddhic/ intuitional plane, and which accomplishes its intent by giving structure to the elementals of the lower 3 worlds or planes.

Therefore the devas intelligently organize the patterns or formulas of the angles in accord with the Divine Plan, but they cannot organize the elemental lives on each plane to create matter in the three lower worlds until they have attracted the human conscious energy necessary to create any physical manifestation.

This view of angles corresponds quite well to "devas of appearance", the phrase used by Lucille Cedercrans in her work (see Nature Of The Soul*). According to LC we become obsessed by those devas of appearance which we connect with consciously, although often unknowingly, through the etheric web of angles responsible for their manifestation - and we do this by tuning into them. This fine tuning process creates our life experience.

We each have a multitude of personal angles or devas of appearance which collectively form one angle which is our persona that bears our name. Thinking about something, talking about something, feeling something, a something to which a name can be attached, connects our devas of appearance to the etheric web, and tunes that part of us - that particular angle - to all the other angles which resonate with it, that have some oblique connection with its name. This then becomes one of our obsessions; and a devic/elemental life which is part of our physical being has identified itself with its archetypal intent to which it is linked through its hierarchical connections. From that time on it will be an obsessive influence in our lives.

And if you consider everything in our life is an angle or a deva of appearance, and everyone of them has either a receptive or projective connection to their greater archetypes, then you can see how individuals can either creatively contribute to the angle of public opinion, or become obsessed by its deva of appearance.

It's a question of identification, either with our Soul consciousness that exists as our outer etheric shell on the buddhic plane and uses its angles creatively; or with our personality, which derives its energy from the angles themselves to give us a life of habit and routine at the mercy of the reality of the common denominator of human awareness, sharing the obsessive negativity that is perpetrating itself in the minds of men today: a process which soon becomes self-propagating by feeding on the conscious energy of its angular relationships.

Once we start thinking in terms of angles or obsessive devas of appearance, we begin to distance ourselves from some of the views we held previously. We realize that recognition of negativity is right and correct, but to dwell on such things is to add energy to this illusion - good thoughts will be consumed by this monster as easily as bad thoughts. This is because in energy terms this polarity doesn't count: giving any kind of attention to something gives it's angle energy, and traps part of our consciousness.

We also begin to see other people in a different light. We begin to develop an awareness of their real selves trapped in a set of angles which may not resonate with ours, but seeing beyond that false barrier we become aware that both ourselves and the other person are doing the best we can with the angles we chose before incarnation.

Seeing people as Souls really does make us become more aware of why people do certain things in a certain way, including ourselves, and it makes it far easier not to judge others when we realize that the only reason any situation of reality is happening to us is because an angle is connecting us to it. As Souls we have brought this angular event to us so that our Soul can use the experience to render some of the negativity that may surround it into a resolved situation within the etheric world of Soul.

"You are what all happenings happen in.
What happens must happen so remain
unaffected as Peace. Be Peaceful and
this Peace will Spread. What rises from
Peace is Peace and what rises from
confusion is confusion. So Be Peace and
give this to the Universe, it is all you
should do."
- Papaji


* "The Nature Of The Soul" by Lucille Cedercrans, publ by Wisdom Impressions



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