The First Ray is the beginning which matches the ideal of the Sixth Ray: these two Rays compliment each otherís working. From this we can see that the future, ~ a First Ray concept which signifies change ~ is not all pain and anguish, it is also joyful, a Sixth Ray concept.

We came here to experience the physicality of the devic earth. We were born as light is born with each day, to illuminate the world. It is only a classroom because we see it as such, but the real world has no pain, no suffering, and no death experience, only positive change.

We live at a special time. We chose to live now; we are in the process of learning our final lessons and taking our final examinations. Once we have passed, as most of us surely will, then life we will be what it should be, heaven on earth.

Why are we here, if not to learn lessons? Quite simply to experience the wonders of earthly life, on behalf of all humanity, to give all humanity the joyous experience of devic life. To see the beauty of the sun rising and setting, the sound of the oceans, the smell of rain, the taste of exotic fruits and spices, the diversity of beauty in the animal kingdom, and the subtlety of birdsong; these are the pleasures of our Mother Earth which we can only appreciate in this life.

But that is not all. We aren't here only for the human experience, but what that human experience can add to the beauty of the world, because the joy we feel is echoed through the devic realms and inspires the creatures, the beings who live through our earth experience to develop the beauty of the world, which evolves through the human act of experience.

Without us, the world would continue in a blissful, but stable condition. With us it can grow and evolve into ever-higher states of bliss.



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